Five units of Armed Forces of Ukraine officially received new insignias. The insignias respect historic and national military symbolism.

On February 23, Viktor Muzhenko, the Chief of General Staff and Commander of Armed Forces of Ukraine approved new insignias for several units of Ukraine, namely 19th Missile Brigade, 27th Artillery Brigade, 55th Artillery Brigade, 93rd Mechanized Brigade and Battalion Donbas-Ukraine, which is part of 54th Mechanized Brigade.

19th Missile Brigade 27th Artillery Brigade 55th Artillery Brigade 93rd Mech. Brigade Donbas-Ukraine

There is a plan to upgrade all insignias of Armed Forces sooner or later. Our list of units within the structure of Armed Forces of Ukraine has been updated to reflect this change. Several others have been already pre-approved and awaiting the official approval by the General Staff.

All military insignias are being developed in accordance with the standardized concept of symbolism – escutcheon shield, no more than four colors and no inscriptions or coats of arms of settlements.

Already approved:

24th Mech. Brigade 56th Mech. Brigade 128th Mountain Brigade

source: Twitter


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