The assault battalion became a linear battalion of 54th Mechanized Brigade.

46th Assault Battalion, also previous known as Donbas-Ukraine or Donbas-ZSU, ceased to exist as a separate entity in the structure of Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by several volunteers familiar with the situation.

The battalion was formed in the winter of 2015 as 46th Special Purpose Battalion “Donbas-Ukraine” by volunteers of the famous Donbas Battalion, who wished to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine instead of the National Guard, where the original Donbas Battalion exists until today. In 2019, the unit was reformed into an assault battalion, and assigned under the command of 54th Mechanized Brigade. At its prime, the battalion had its own tank company, artillery and reconnaissance unit.

The unit reportedly ceased to exist due to short-sighted actions of the commander Serhiy Shcherbakov and the chief of staff Handor Snihyr. Shcherbakov and Snihyr were allegedly inexperienced commanders, who hid their own mistakes and fled to a different unit when problems surfaced to the higher command. According to our information, this happened back in November/December 2022. At that time, the unit was deployed to the north of Bakhmut, and sustained heavy casualties.

46th Assault Battalion became the 3rd Mechanized Battalion of 54th Mechanized Brigade, based on data provided by Donbas Battalion Foundation. The unit, as a separate entity, ceased to exist and military number A3220 was retired.

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