Azov-Dnipro becomes part of Ground Forces

The well known 98th Battalion of 108th Territorial Defense Brigade is no longer part of the Territorial Defense Forces.

The battalion, known as Azov-Dnipro, has overgrown the needs of Territorial Defense Brigade and the command decided to transfer the battalion under the command of the recently formed 3rd Assault Brigade of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

98th Territorial Defense Battalion is now the 1st Mechanized Battalion of 3rd Assault Brigade.

The page of the brigade has been updated to reflect the change.


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It’s Azov, so this kind of symbol is sadly not a surprise. I don’t like it, and Ukrainians should understand that those symbols are very bad publicity.

But the ones who *behave* like SS are the Russians. SS symbols are not on their flags, they are in their mind. That is why I support Ukraine. Putinism is the new fascism.

JJ Gonzo

On the photo or in your vatnik’s sick imagination?


Jerome – do you know if there is some regulationary pattern of the composition for the types of units? Or it’s just ‘convenience naming’ practice?