July 2, 2024

155th Infantry Brigade officially revealed

The infantry brigade has introduced its own insignia and social media accounts.

Photo: 155th Infantry Brigade & MilitaryLand

On May 11, 2024, we reported on the formation of a new infantry unit within the structure of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, the 155th Infantry Brigade. Recently, the brigade has been officially unveiled to the public and has received its insignia and official social media accounts.

Insignia of 155th Infantry Brigade, redrawn by davomme

The insignia features a scorpion alongside the flag of Rivne Oblast, indicating the brigade’s home region. This also confirms our earlier reports about the brigade’s formation in Rivne Oblast.

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According to the main page, Ukraine forms a new battalion every day?

Last edited 11 days ago by Vega

You mention the Volyn Oblast in this article, but the page of the brigade says it’s from the Rivne Oblast. Which one is true?