The lack of vehicles forced Ukrainian command to back down from the original plans.

The leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has reorganized the 153rd Mechanized Brigade into an infantry brigade. This change was announced through the official social media channels of the brigade.

While the official reason behind the change remains undisclosed, it is presumably linked to the shortage of infantry fighting vehicles. The problem arose already prior to the formation of 150ish mechanized brigades, it’s not new. Western partners are no longer supplying an adequate quantity of equipment to replenish existing mechanized brigades and form new ones. The remaining “free” mechanized equipment is now being allocated to motivated units, who proved themselves in the fight. One such example is the recently formed 100th Mechanized Brigade we wrote about a few days ago.

153rd Infantry Brigade


153 ОПБр

The reorganization of the 153rd Brigade may not be an isolated occurrence. According to our sources, the 152nd Mechanized Brigade is also slated for transformation into an infantry brigade in the near future.

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