Svityaz Company

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Active Submission Role Size Garrison Alligience
June 2014 – today National Police Motorized Infantry 100 men Volyn Ukraine

Svityaz company (Рота Світязь) is a volunteer unit in the structure of Ministry of Internal Affairs. Led by former paratrooper, the unit was formed from members of Maidan self-defense in Volyn. Svityaz participated in the battle of Illovaysk, where they made strong ties with Donbas battalion and when the unit was surrounded in Vuhlehirsk during the battle of Debaltsevo, Donbas battalion didn’t hesitate to deblock the area and help them to retreat. Svityaz company is highly appreciated among the volunteers.


The structure of this unit is unknown.


Locally made Multicam uniform is a cheap and popular variant for soldiers in Ukraine. The camouflage is designed for usage in various environments.


Locally made Flecktarn uniform is very popular among volunteers across Ukraine. It’s cheap and widely available. The pattern works well in the various environment.



Type: APC | Quantity: 1


6th August 2014 – 3rd September 2014

An initially successful large-scale operation to liberate strategically important train crossroad ceased when Russian regular forces crossed the border into Ukraine and encircled Ukrainian forces there.

Vuhlehirsk 2015

18th January 2015 – 31st January 2015

Russian forces began an assault on Vuhlehirsk from multiple directions. Ukrainian defence lines collapsed after several days. Multiple counterattacks were launched but all failed.



One soldier died during the battle of Illovaysk, six more during the retreat through the green corridor.


There are no reports of losses of equipment for this unit.

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