You can help to create the database of captured and destroyed vehicles in Ukraine.

As the war enters the 26th day and the amount of destroyed and captured equipment continues to mount, it’s becoming harder and harder to track the losses. After the careful consideration of all options, we decided to launch a community-driven database of captured and destroyed vehicles in Ukraine. 

You are more than welcome to join me in and help in filling up all the loses (for both sides). In order to post a new listing, you need to create an account at our site. Just head to and click on Submit a new listing. It’ll prompt you to create an account.


>> Loses database <<


You can also access the database via the top menu next to the website’s logo.

As usual, your feedback is welcome. You can reach me via Discord, in the comments below or on the email.

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Could this possibly have a geolocation feature to it? It would be interesting to view where these vehicles are knocked out alongside statistical data.


That is incredible, the amount of information that will be available is astonishing. Thank you


I have prepared an oryx database
and I can give you it


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