Svyata Maria Company was a volunteer unit and the first Christian unit in the structure of Ministry of Internal Affairs, founded on September 21, 2014 by Bratstvo political party. The unit was created on the basis of Jesus Christ Company, which was formed at the begging of hostilities within the structure of Azov Battalion, and later reassigned to Shakhtarsk Battalion and renamed to Svyata Maria Company. After Shakhtarsk disbandment, the unit was reformed as Svyata Maria Battalion, a separate unit under Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On November 2015, the unit was reformed as Svyata Maria Company and assigned under the command of Special Purpose Regiment Kyiv.

The company ceased to exist on in 2016 on the request by its command. The decision was made due to impossibility of further staffing the unit exclusively with its own personnel and that majority of soldiers wanted to fight, not protect public order.

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