Mykolaiv battalion was a volunteer battalion of Special Purpose Police Forces, created in May 2014 in Mykolaiv Oblast. The unit actively participated in the combat operations in Donbas.

On February 26, the battalion defended Mykolaiv against the advancing Russian troops alongside other military formations of Ukrainian Police and Armed Forces.

On May 5, 2022, the unit was reorganized into the Taurus police battalion.

Recent News

Mykolaiv Battalion available

Mykolaiv battalion’s page has been added to our site. The page contains the unit’s structure, equipment, uniforms, and warpath.

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Here you can find the last known structure of the unit, including their insignia if available.


Here you can find all equipment of the unit. All images of vehicles and weapons listed below are taken from the official social media page of the unit.

2022 – today




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Equipment Losses

We currently don’t have information about the unit’s equipment casualties. Please check back later.
We currently don’t have information about the unit’s insignia history. Please check back later.