Luhansk-1 Regiment is a separate assault regiment of Lyut Brigade of Ukrainian Offensive Guard. The unit was formed as battalion alongside Timur and Stakhanov battalions in May 2014 in Luhansk Oblast, primarily from policemen from Luhansk Oblast who didn’t betrayal their oath and remained loyal to Ukraine. However, due to the worsening situation in Luhansk, the battalion was forced to relocate to Dnipro. Ukrainian political party Batkivshchyna actively supported the unit.

On February 24, 2022, the unit was stationed in Shchastia alongside elements of 79th Air Assault Brigade.

In January 2023, the Luhansk-1 battalion joined the newly formed Lyut Brigade, created under the Offensive Guard program, and was reformed into Assault regiment Luhansk.

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Luhansk-1 battalion available

Luhansk-1 battalion’s page has been added to our site. The page contains the unit’s structure, equipment, uniforms, and warpath.

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Here you can find the last known structure of the unit, including their insignia if available.


We currently don’t have information about the unit’s equipment. Please check back later.

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Equipment Losses

We currently don’t have information about the unit’s equipment casualties. Please check back later.
We currently don’t have information about the unit’s insignia history. Please check back later.

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