East Company

East Company is a unit of Special Tasks Patrol Police, created in May 2018 on the basis of Eastern Corps Company. The company was founded by a formed member of Azov Regiment and the unit retains close ties to them. The original founder of Eastern Corps Company, Oleg Shiryaev, was banished from the unit due to disagreements and different political views.

The unit participated in the Battle of Kharkiv in February 2022 and was tasked to defend the Headquarters of National Police in the city.

Recent News

Lavender & East company available

East company’s and Lavender company’s pages have been added to our site. The pages contain the unit’s structure, equipment, uniforms, and warpath.

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All images of uniforms listed below are taken from the official social media page of the unit.

Locally made Multicam uniform is a cheap and popular variant for soldiers in Ukraine. The camouflage is designed for usage in various environments.

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