The Logistical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a formation responsible for providing comprehensive technical and rear support. This includes the storage, preparation, repair, and transportation of a wide range of weapons, ammunition, and other military equipment.

Command of Logistical Forces

145th Repair & Restoration Regiment

482nd Technology Center

1282nd Central Storage Base

1658th Provision Center

3343th United Provision Center

6th Arsenal

9th Arsenal

10th Arsenal

47th Arsenal

48th Arsenal

62nd Arsenal

65th Arsenal

136th Missile Storage

303th Missile Arsenal

434th Main Missile Base

732nd Main Artillery Weapons Base

1631st Artillery Weapons Base

1827th Artillery Weapons Base

1846th Arsenal

2572th Main Artillery Weapons Base

5th Unified Center Technical Support

1563th Automobile Base

2320th Provision Center

4223th Provision Center

Metrological Center

Unified Center for Metrological Support

10th Measurement Equipment Base

6553rd Measurement Equipment Base

3057th Central Base for Communication Equipment Repair and Storage