A new era of our site begins, we’re glad to have you aboard.

A lot has happened in the world of internet since I started the website five years ago, and I came to the conclusion it is a time for a change. Not just a small change, but a complete overhaul, which is built to last.


The biggest change you can probably spot at first sight is the homepage. It’s no longer just a list of latest articles. You can find there recently updated and added units, a direct link to our deployment map, and our latest news.

Dark mode

Not everybody likes a light colors, especially during the night. You can now switch between light and dark mode. The magic switch is located in the top menu, right next to a search button.

Losses database

The time has come to say goodbye to our version of Losses database. I want to thank everybody who contributed to the project. Losses won’t disappear from our website, however. They will be integrated to our units’ database instead.

Please allow me a few days to catch all possible bugs, and feel free to report any issues you will encounter.

PS: There is one more surprise coming tomorrow. Be sure catch our summary to find out more!

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Love your site for the detailed maps. Best overview of all pages.


OK, then I will be *that* one Jerome. Don’t take it hard (there must be the one).
Previous site was ugly, this is abomination born from unholy union of dark forces behind some wordpress templates #crying.

Thanks for oustanding job, though, and keep going. I will visually suffer silently in some tiny corner 😉


Awsome job Jerome, the new website looks amazing! Very very well done and thank yo for the work you do!
Slava Ukraini!


Thank you for maintaining and updating, Jerome!
You should definitely add a donation section like it was on the old website

Orbital View

Excellent upgrade to the website Jerome!


Congratulation for the new website ! It looks great !

As always, thank you for your wonderful work.

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