Ukrainian Unit list updated

The list of Ukrainian Units has been updated.


[Added] Detachment Khamzat Gelaev to International Legion
[Added] Ichkerian Special Purpose Battalion to International Legion
[Added] Russian Volunteer Corps to International Legion
[Added] Da Vinci Wolves Battalion to Special Operations Forces
[Updated] Insignia of 110th Mechanized Brigade
[Updated] Renamed Tactical Group Arey to 7th Battalion Arey (Ukrainian Volunteer Army)

The list is available on the following address:

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Klaus Ermecke

First of all: Thanks for your great work!

A few questions:

1) There are two new mech brigades with identical numbers to older territorial brigades: #110 and #115.
Are these really new formations or only “upgrades” of the existing ones?

2) What about the overlap between 14 mech and 14 armor? Does the tank brigade really exist?

3) What about 15 mech? Wikipedia lists it as “disbanded”


1) They are really new formations, since they have different commanders, different facebook sites (which are both still up to day, but post different stuff), different chevrons and they are based in different oblasts. And the Ukrainian wikipedia of 115 mechanized says not to be confused with 115 territorial


2) Good question, there is a wikipedia in Ukrainian about the tank brigade, that lists some sources, so it really was formed in 2015 as part of the 4th army reserve corps. But you don’t find anything else: It’s neither in the list (ukrmilitary) of the 4th corps nor in the disbanded units.
3)It was disbanded in 2004, but apparently again founded in 2016 and in 2018 it prepared to go to Luhansk.


The Kalinouski Regiment has stated that it isn’t part of the international Legion, in order to have more freedom, but part of the Armed Forces. Besides that, the whole Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (not only the Wolves of Da Vinci (1st Battalion DUK PS)) is part of the Special Operation Forces.


Excuse me, can you tell me when the maps will be updated?


Where is Georgian Legion in the list?


That’s right the Georgian Legion misses. But it is unclear what brigade the are part of, since they left the 54th brigade in 2018 and wanted to change to another brigade. From then on, I couldn’t find any information about them (in terms of what unit they are part of).

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As I know they are independent part of the foreign legion and Georgian Legion is one of the biggest foreign unit in Ukrainian army, they deserve to be in the list

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Absolutely right, they deserve (as any other unit) to be in the list, but the question is, where to put them. Because, they left the 54th brigade and as for as I know are separate of the International Legion.