Long awaited rotation of Ukrainian units in Donbas is finally under way.

The successful Ukrainian offensive in Kherson Oblast and reaching the Dnipro river has allowed the Ukrainian command to shift a number of units from Kherson Oblast to Donbas.

Northern Donbas

Ukrainian 24th Mechanized Brigade returns to the eastern Ukraine after a brief deployment in Kherson Oblast. It reportedly replaces 93rd Mechanized Brigade, which defended the vicinity of Bakhmut and Soledar for several months.

Ukrainian 57th Motorized Brigade moves to the vicinity of Bakhmut. It’s currently unknown which unit has been replaced, but there are some indications that 58th Motorized Brigade might get some rest.

Artillery and infantry battalion of 36th Marine Brigade has been relocated from Kherson Oblast to the area of Bakhmut as well.

Elements of 28th Mechanized Brigade were seen by Western reporters on the ground in the area of Kostyanytivka, just south-west of Bakhmut.

At least one battalion of 46th Airmobile Brigade have been redeployed to the area of Bakhmut.

Southern Donbas

At least a one battalion of 35th Marine Brigade, the 18th Marine Infantry Battalion, has been relocated to the area of Nevelske and Pervomaiske to stabilize the worsening situation in the area.

It’s actually surprising to see elements of Ukrainian Marine Brigades to be deployed to Donbas, instead of for example in the direction of Melitopol or keeping them in the area of Kherson for a possible offensive across the Dnipro river. The large influx of Ukrainian units to Donbas from Kherson indicates that the Ukrainian command doesn’t plan any offensive operation across Dnipro anytime soon.

Our Deployment map was updated to reflect all changes.

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