Recap of recent news from the Ukrainian Naval industry, Navy and Sea Guard. What is Ukraine currently doing to face Russian ships at its borders?

Due to ongoing tensions in Azov’s sea after the Kerch conflict, the government of Ukraine is pushing forward with modernization of their fleet.

New reconnaissance ship

On April 23, a new medium reconnaissance ship for Ukrainian Navy was launched at Kyiv shipyard. The ship is the first of its kind in Ukrainian fleet, which suffered a huge lost by Crimea annexation. The new ship is based on the hull of Project 502EM, a middle-class fishing freezer trawler.

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Unfortunately, a fire started during the welding work on May 29. Firefighters were able to locate and liquidate the fire quickly but it will take a while to repair the ship.

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Two artillery vessels repaired

On April 22,  Dunaysudoservis company finished a repair of the first artillery vessel for Ukrainian Sea Guard, Project 1204. Despite all the difficulties, the vessel’s repair was completed in time and according to requirements. The artillery vessel bears number BG-83 and is nicknamed Nizhyn.

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On May 29, the company finished a second vessel of the same type for Ukrainian Sea Guard. According to the press release, the repair works were significantly harder because the vessel was in much worse shape than the previous ship, Nizhyn. This artillery vessel bears number BG-82 and is nicknamed Lubny.

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Only one ship of the signed contract remains, the BG-84 nicknamed Ishmael. The contract ends at the end of June and if nothing major happens, the ship will be repaired in time.

Tests of Centaur-LK boats

Highspeed assault boat Centaur-LK passed another phase of factory tests and should be transferred to the Ukrainian Navy soon to conduct military related tests. Centaur-LK ship is developed by Mykolaiv’s State Research and Design Center on the basis of the Gyurza-M class boats. There are currently two boats in tests (number 01032, 01033), one is being constructed (number 01034) and one more was ordered by Ukrainian Defense in 2019.

First tests of Island boats

Ukrainian crew conducted another test of Island type boats, which Ukraine received as free military aid from the United States. Ukrainian sailors, together with Americans inspected the upgrades and conducted manoeuvring and speed tests. The testing should soon reach its final stage and the boats should be transferred to Ukraine later this year.

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