The army corps unites all marine infantry units under a common command.

Ukrainian Marine Corps of the Naval Forces has formed a new army corps, 30th Marine Corps. The new corps unites all marine units under a single command. It’s basically an analog to 7th Air Assault Corps, which unites all units of Air Assault Forces.

The commander of 30th Marine Corps has been appointed Maj. Gen. Dmytro Delyatsky, who served as the head of Military Academy in Odesa prior to this appointment.

The 30th Corps consist of four marine infantry brigades, two artillery brigades, one territorial defense brigade (soon to be a marine brigade), one reconnaissance battalion and other support elements.

The command of the Marine Corps is also undergoing a structural transformation. The management body will become a structural unit of the command of Naval Forces of Ukraine. The unit will be responsible for determining the need for resources and requirements by the 30th Marine Corps, and will carry out strategic planning of the use, training and development of marine units.

30th Marine Corps


30 KΜΠ

Who is Dmytro Delyatsky?

Dmytro Delyatsky is a Ukrainian officer, Major General of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. He graduated from Odesa Institute of Ground Forces in 1997. He commanded the 1st Marine Battalion until the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014. Remaining loyal to Ukraine, Dmytro faced kidnapping and torture by Russian occupation forces. He returned to Ukraine in March 2014, bearing the physical scars of his captivity, including broken ribs.

In 2015, Dmytro Delyatsky took command of the newly established 36th Marine Brigade. His leadership saw further recognition when he became the deputy commander of the Marine Corps in 2018. Five years onward, he assumed the role of the head of the Military Academy in Odesa.

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I don’t understand the point of having 2 command structures (the Ukrainian Marine Corps and the 30th Marine Corps) regrouping the same units. So it just seems to add another bureaucratic layer without much benefits.


The Ukrainian Marine Corps is the whole branch and it’s mainly civilian administration driven.
The 30th Marine Corps is the “on the frontline” command of the 4 brigades and 2 artillery brigades.


Well, that makes some sense. All the training units are not part of the corps either. At least it is just 7 brigades, compared with the rather large Air Assault Corps, with it’s 11 brigades. The other two corps have 6 and 7 brigades.


Everything is simple:
Marine Corps of Ukraine — administrative corps
30th Marine Corps — field corps

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