Chernivtsi detachment suffered two casualties on the border with Romania during the weekend.

As the Ukraine and rest of the world focus on the border with Russia, there might be something going on the border with Romania.

On the night of January 23, a Ukrainian serviceman received a gunshot wound to the chest on the border with Romania. The border guard himself reported the incident and requested medical attention. Ukrainian law enforcement currently investigate the situation. The guard’s condition is critical.

Earlier, on January 21, a body of a serviceman without any sign of life was found near the border with Romania. According to officials, the body was found with a gunshot wound incompatible with life. Ukrainian police are investigating the event and should share more details in upcoming days.

Chernivtsi Oblast borders with Romania and Moldavia. Both incidents happened on the border with Romania, and it’s unknown if they are connected or not. We’ll update the post once we know more.



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