The Armed Forces continue to grow amid the rumors of upcoming Ukrainian spring offensive.

Updated (April 3, 14:00): Official Facebook page of 41st Mechanized Brigade reveled an insignia of the brigade. You can find it below.

Ukrainian command has decided to form three additional brigades to reinforce the combat capabilities of the ground forces. Two of the brigades are being formed in the structure of Ukrainian Ground Forces, while the third one is a infantry brigade in the structure of Ukrainian Air Force.

41st Mechanized Brigade is a new mechanized brigade of Ukrainian Ground forces. The formation was announced by Odesa Territorial Recruitment Center, which is part of a local military administration.

insignia of 41st Mechanized Brigade

142nd Reserve Rifle Brigade is a new and the first reserve rifle brigade of the Ground Forces of Ukraine. At least one infantry battalion of the brigade has completed its basic training.

insignia of 142nd Reserve Rifle Brigade

Consolidated Rifle Brigade is a new unit formed on the basis of combined detachment Wild Duck, created back in 2014. The brigade has been formed in the structure of Ukrainian Air Force, primarily from the soldiers of guard battalions.

insignia of Consolidated Rifle Brigade

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What is an Air Force brigade, exactly??

Zhorik Vartanov

Airborne forces. It doesn’t necessarily mean paratroopers (with modern AA capabilities paradropping a brigade would be a suicide mission), rather a highly mobile force which is capable – in theory – to quickly embark on airplanes or helicopters and move somewhere where it’s needed


all wrong!) paratroopers and airborne in AFU – “Air Assault Forces”, its different branche New brigade formed on the basis of combined detachment Wild Duck, formed from volunteer personel of Air Force in 2014 for use in battle on landAs i see – today unit is reborn with personnel of air force, who has combat experience and/or who is not critical use in typical air force missions

Zhorik Vartanov

Oh, right, it’s formed from the guard batallions. Relation to the Air Force then is purely administrative, not tactical


What is the point of a “reserve brigade” ? I thought reservists were already enlisted into regular units. Or does that mean this unit will not be deployed to the frontline ?


Idk in the terms of Ukraine, but most of the time reserve units are placed behind the frontline, so when frontline forces push the enemy and drive the enemy back, the reserve brigade will be in the rear to effectively “mop up” the enemy, if any enemy forces are there. In terms of Blitzkrieg at least. I honestly don’t know what a reserve brigade in modern combat can be used for except civil affairs


Well, not quite… There are also well-trained reserve soldiers who fight with regular units at the front. It depends on the unit in which the reserve soldier served in his earlier army days.

So it depends on the (still) existing knowledge where one is deployed.

By reserve brigade I mean that it consists exclusively of reservists, i.e. no contract soldiers.


Regardless of where and in what form they are deployed in the war. But yes, in most cases it is deployed behind the front, where regular soldiers are missing because they are at the front.


TBH I completely lost any understanding of Ukr OOB at this point (which is kinda understable considering the situation and very limited data even if we have Jerome’s handy ‘wiki’s).
That may mean exactly everything and nothing at all.
I’d seriously consider creating the Beaver Brigade and Mosquito Special Corps (the 1st Tractor Army is legit) – they kinda exists already 😉

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