Ukrainian Army should withdraw from the frontline at Zolote on October 7. Such move is criticized by Ukrainian volunteers who promise to replace the military.

While Ukrainian soldiers keep dying alongside the frontline, Ukrainian president and its representatives remain focused on de-escalation and pullback of Ukrainian troops as agreed during the Minsk talks on October 1, 2019. The first de-escalation at Stanytsia Luhanska goes according to plan and there’s been so far no major problem which would disrupt the deal by neither side.

On October 7, Ukrainian Army should withdraw from another settlement at the frontline, Zolote and nearby Katerynivka. 72nd Mechanized Brigade is currently deployed to the area and should receive the order most likely in the morning. While the Ukrainian Army will abandon all fortifications and trenches in the area, National Police will remain in the city itself and promise protection for civilians living there. OSCE delegation will oversee the pullback and Ukrainian delegation should visit the area in the upcoming week.

the first phase of pullback includes Katerynivka and Zolote-4

Ukrainian patriots disagree and heading towards Zolote

However, such a move is largely criticized by Ukrainian volunteers and patriots. They see it as capitulation and fear Ukraine might lose important positions which they fight and died for. The leader of National Corps party and founder of Azov Regiment, Andriy Biletsky, already announce they aren’t willing to just sit and watch how Ukraine loses strategically important territory. On Sunday the 6th, he and a group of Ukrainian volunteers (most likely former members of Azov Regiment) arrived at a settlement just one kilometre away from Zolote. They are ready to occupy the positions which Ukraine plants to abandon. Whatever they will be allowed or not, remains unknown.

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