Ukraine moves fresh brigades to Donbas

Ukrainian command has decided to deploy additional troops to Donbas, signaling a possible rotation of Ukrainian units.

A long over-due rotation of Ukrainian units stationed in Donbas might be underway. The command of Armed Forces of Ukraine has begun to deploy newly formed brigades to the eastern Ukraine. In addition to newly formed units, 1st Tank Brigade has been redeployed from the north to Donbas after a two-month break.

To recall, many of the Ukrainian brigades have been deployed to the frontline since day one of the Russian Invasion and are in dire need of replenishment. Notably, the elements of 24th, 30th, 53rd, 54th Mechanized Brigades, 25th Airborne and 95th AirAssault Brigades have been deployed to Donbas since November 2021.


1st Tank Brigade
Southern part of Donetsk Oblast and Kramatorsk
One battalion of the brigade was deployed to the area of 53rd Mechanized Brigade, most likely to support the newly deployed Jager brigades, another battalion to the vicinity of Kramatorsk.


68th Jager Brigade
Southern part of Donetsk Oblast
68th Jager Brigade has been deployed to the area of 53rd Mechanized Brigade.


71st Jager Brigade
Southern part of Donetsk Oblast
The brigade was deployed to the area of 53rd, or possibly 54th Mechanized Brigade in Donetsk Oblast.


115th Mechanized Brigade
Slovyansk Area
Ukrainian command deployed the brigade to the area of 24th Mechanized Brigade east of Kramatorsk.


Our Deployment map has been updated to reflect these changes.

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With Ukraine going to outnumber Russian forces as much as 3 to 1 what morale do the Ukrainians have to conduct basically mass infantry assaults.

Because Ukraine can win it’s just going to be terrifying


What impact is this going to have? How will the UAF use them?

Henry Whitworth

As these new units come on, do we have any idea how many are behind them? It seems like the Ukrainians have succeeded in really keeping the scale of their new army under wraps but everything right now likely comes down to how many new battalions they will have created in time for a fall offensive

Kris Wustrow

This info suggests 3 new brigades to the Donbas front.

My info from June was that Ukraine was training 6 new brigades…so 3 are yet to be deployed.

Anyone have other info?


It is also the ability to refit existing brigades and rotate them more frequently. This way you get a good percentage of experienced soldiers to mentor those without combat experience. Hence there may not be as many new brigades as people expect.

paul neost

is there no summer in ukr?


It’s usually on a Wednesday sometime in July.