The first month of 2022 was relatively quiet but nevertheless, Ukraine lost ten soldiers in Donbas.

The bloodiest day in Donbas was January 10. An unknown explosive device exploded underneath of two soldiers of 25th Airborne Brigade. Both died on the spot.

January 1

  • A soldier of 95th AirAssault Brigade, killed by enemy sniper

January 3

  • A soldier of unspecified mechanized brigade, killed by a sniper

January 4

  • A soldier of 57th Mechanized Brigade, cause of death not reported

January 9

  • A soldier of unspecified unit, the serviceman was found dead on the checkpoint

January 10

  • Two soldiers of 25th Airborne Brigade, killed by explosive device

January 11

  • A soldier of 17th Tank Brigade, killed during an attack on Ukrainian checkpoint

January 18

  • A soldier of unknown brigade, was found dead with a gunshot wound

January 28

  • A soldier of Ivano-Frankivsk Police battalion, he died due to cardiac arrest

Also in January, a serviceman of Ukrainian National Guard killed 4 fellow servicemen and wounded five more in Kharkiv. We wrote about it here: Fellow soldier killed five and wounded more at

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