Javelins, radios and ammunition recently delivered to Ukraine isn’t enough.

Amid the threat of Russian invasion, Ukraine pursuits its allies to support Ukrainian Army defense capabilities. United States delivered a new batch of Javelin anti-tank missiles, radios, ammunition and Island type patrol boats during the past months, but it’s not enough to modernize the Ukrainian Army to defer possibly invasion.

Ukrainian officials recently asked the United States for new weapons for its army, including Patriot surface-to-air missiles. It’s the anti-air defense where Ukraine lacks modern equipment the most. However, United States remain resistant of delivering such assets. They are afraid that Russia would see such deliveries as highly provocative.

Here’s the full list of weapons Ukraine has asked for:

  • Patriot surface-to-air defense system
  • Stinger anti-air MANPADs
  • Black Hawk helicopters
  • Mi-17 helicopters, originally for Afghanistan Army

U.S. officials also hint at possibility to supply ammunition to Ukraine from the depots of Romania and Bulgaria. This should be the fastest way how to deliver a meaningful support in a short time.


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