The time has come for several units of Armed Forces of Ukraine. They served their time in the combat zone and returned back to their homes.

79th AirAssault Brigade has returned to its base in Mykolaiv after eight months of deployment in Donbas. The brigade defended the northern area of Mariupol, mainly Pavlopil and Hnutove. 36th Marine Corps Brigade takes their positions.

10th Mountain Brigade went through hell in Krymske and after several months of their deployment, they have returned back to their base in Kolomyja. It’s currently unknown who replaces them.

80th AirAssault Brigade defended forwarded position near Mariupol, namely Shyrokine and the surrounding area. They returned back to their base in Lviv after months of service. It’s currently unknown who replaces them, might be the 36th Marine Corps Brigade.

The units will now spend several months at their bases to reequip and rearm. Some soldiers are going to be demobilized and replaced by fresh recruits. They might, and some definitely will, return to Donbas in the future.

Our Deployment map was updated to reflect these changes.

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