Fighters of three volunteer battalions, that fought against separatist forces in Donbas, voluntary handed over their arms.

Soldiers of the battalion Sheykha Mansura, OUN and Aratta, who defended Ukraine’s independence for more than five years, decided to hand over their weapons to the police. The first deputy of National Police, Vyacheslav Abroskin, thanked the volunteers for their dedication and noted that all weapons will go to Ukrainian Army.

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Sheykha Mansura OUN Battalion Aratta Battalion

Sheykha Mansura was a Chechen battalion with close ties to Right Sector. They participated most notable in defense of Shyrokine alongside Azov Regiment.

OUN Battalion de-facto ceased to exist in April 2015, when the unit was reorganized and assigned under the command of Armed Forces of Ukraine. Only about dozen soldiers remained in the original unit. OUN battalion is well know for their defense of village Pisky.

Aratta Battalion, also known as 8th Battalion, is part of Ukrainian Volunteer Army led by Dmitry Yarosh. They officially withdrawn from the front-line in 2018 but some elements remained in Donbas until these days. The soldiers will now focus on training of new cadets for territorial defense battalions.

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