Ukrainian 47th Mechanized Brigade has a new commander, who sends everybody to storm enemy positions.

The situation around 47th Mechanized Brigade Magura, one of the spearheads of the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south, doesn’t look good. The military unit, alongside 82nd Air Assault Brigade, was the main force to break through Russian lines in the south during the summer counter-offensive. The fighters of Magura met heavy resistance, eventually managed to break through Russian lines and liberated Robotyne settlement, but at serious cost and far from the original goals.

Lt. Col. Oleksandr Sak was removed from the command of 47th Mechanized Brigade Magura in September 2023. The reasons are unknown, officials denied to comment on this topic, but it’s rumored his dismissal is connected to the brigade’s performance on the battlefield. Sak became the commander of the brigade after its creation in 2022, and previously served in 93rd Mechanized Brigade.

The new commander of 47th Mechanized Brigade has been appointed Col. Oleksandr Pavliy, who previously commanded 112th Territorial Defense Brigade Kyiv. However, according to fighters of the brigade, he failed to understand the brigade structure.

Col. Oleksandr Pavliy | photo: Unian

As claimed by soldiers of anti-tank missile unit of Magura in now removed video appeal, the brigade’s command refuse to admit the brigade lost its offensive potential. Instead, command sends mortar crews, snipers, artillery crews, basically all it has available to the front as assault infantry. Soldiers who published these accusations reportedly refused to carry such orders, saying that a transfer of military specialists to positions unrelated to their education and training is a crime. As expected, it was later decided to disband the anti-tank missile unit.

According to users on social media, this is common practice among several brigades. The rear elements are disbanded and soldiers transferred to the front, without proper training. Such tactics lead to unnecessary casualties and lose of combat potential of a unit.

47th Mechanized Brigade is a military formation of Ukrainian Ground Forces, created in 2022 by Valery Markus and Ivan Shalamaga. On July 11, Valery Markus asked to be demoted due to disagreement with decisions made regarding deployment and development of the brigade. Magura is equipped with M2 Bradley IFVs and Leopard 2A6 tanks.

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