Investigations have been initiated against unit commanders.

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has launched the process of transferring all commanders and soldiers of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (DUK) of 67th Mechanized Brigade DUK to other military units. These fighters and commanders of DUK had formed the brigade and constituted its core fighting force.

The brigade’s press service reported, “The motives behind these actions are unknown to us. All attempts to halt this process and ascertain the reasons have been unsuccessful. Perhaps, some believe that dispersing DUK Right Sector fighters among various Armed Forces units will lead to the dissolution of DUK Right Sector.”

They further stated that numerous commissions are currently working within the brigade. These commissions are compiling lists of soldiers who have been defending Ukraine since 2014. Investigations have been initiated against unit commanders.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, there are suspicions that the 67th Mechanized Brigade DUK has abandoned positions near Chasiv Yar, resulting in Russian forces advancing to the town’s edge. The ongoing investigation reportedly revealed organization problems within the brigade, namely mistreat of mobilized soldiers, sending them first to hot spots and general separation from Right Sector members.

Soldiers of 67th Mechanized Brigade

Ukrainska Pravda also spoke with a former soldier of 67th Mechanized Brigade and member of Right Sector, who said the root of the current problem lies in how volunteer units were integrated into the army, and arose when Sirsky took over the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “The brigade maintained some sort of autonomy under Valerii Zaluzhyi, but Oleksandr Sirskyi required order and discipline. They suddenly had to live according to military patterns, and commanders without necessary military rank were replaced. The volunteers saw it as the destruction of the movement, but in fact, it is a standardization.” the former soldier noted.

The leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already created a new Facebook page of the 67th Mechanized Brigade, and removed Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (DUK) from its name. We’ll continue to follow the story and keep you updated.

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Has the 3rd Assault Brigade been sent to Chasiv Yar? I hear contradictory information on this.


I do wonder how people from the Pro-Ukraine crowd will read the situation.
I am expecting quite a lot of people to blame Zelensky and Syrsky in “playing a political game while the war is raging”, completely ignoring the fact that such anomalies are dangerous to the UAF


Duk was a really controversial unit. the right sector itself was seen as an extreme nationalist group. they were so extreme that this led to their split into two parts. one was political and the other was DUK. And they didn’t like each other. it was the last semi-independent unit originally self-created by volunteers that maintained some sort of independance


all other similar similar units originally started by volunteers went through a similar process. so I really doubt that anyone would think anything other than ” they just create strict order during the harsh war”


You described it pretty good fredki. Having semi-independent units, that more or less do what they want, seems problematic. Even if they fight effectively, that special status can be a point of envy for other units. Plus, it’s better if a military is apolitical. They should be loyal to the state and their oath, not to an political movement.


I see this as totally normal for a military that increased its size by 5x or more while fighting for its life.

Zaluzhnyi, partly by necessity, had to run command and control pretty loose and fast. It was – and in many situations remains – ideal for many units to act with a high degree of autonomy. Numerous brigades independently fund their own operations, for example.


Over time the original balance breaks down. Things get rigid, folks get comfortable. Sometimes corruption sets in. 67th was having issues for a while, with a major sub-unit leaving to join a motorized brigade (I came here to check which one, that’s why I’m commenting).

Syrskyi came in with different eyes, is pushing necessary changes. Success TBD. If issues aren’t chronic, it’ll be fine.


If you mean the split away group from DaVinci Wolves, they became the 108th Separate Mechanized Battalion of 59th Motorized Brigade.

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