On March 2, Russian army started the active phase of the annexation of Crimea and aggression against Ukrainian nation.

The year 2024 marks ten years since the start of Russian aggression against the Ukrainian state. MilitaryLand.net brings you a series of articles focused on the most important days of the initial phase of this war.

March 2, 2014

Commander of Ukrainian Navy Denys Berezovsky, who had been appointed as the head just the previous day, swore allegiance to the “residents of Crimea” and issued an order to lay down arms. He was immediately dismissed from the office.

Russian military issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian 1st Marine Battalion stationed in Feodosia to lay down their weapons and hand over their warehouse. Crimean Tatars came to aid to Ukrainian marines and acted as a human shield between them and Russian soldiers. The base of Ukrainian 501st Marine Battalion in Kerch was also blocked.

Russian military surrounded the base of Ukrainian 36th Coastal Defense Brigade near Perevalny. The commander of the brigade, Serhiy Storozenko, refused to fulfill an order issued by the Ukrainian command to protect the military unit.

Russian soldiers raided and captured the headquarters of Simferopol Border Detachment, and also gained control over one of the Ukrainian air defense divisions in the area of Cape Fiolent.

General Prosecutor’s Office made an appeal to all Ukrainian soldiers and reminded them they swore allegiance to Ukrainian nation.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, due to the worsening situation in Crimea and Donbas, were put on the full combat readiness.

In Donetsk and Luhansk, about a thousand of people gathered for an anti-Ukrainian rally. Mariupol witnessed both pro-Ukrainian and anti-Ukrainian rallies. In Kherson, about a hundred of pro-Russian people gathered for an anti-Ukrainian rally. Hundreds of Kherson citizens, joined by self-defense members and fans of the local football club, came to protect the building of the regional council.

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