February 20, the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukrainian state and its people.

The year 2024 marks ten years since the start of Russian aggression against the Ukrainian state. MilitaryLand.net brings you a series of articles focused on the most important days of the initial phase of this war.

February 20, 2014

Euromaidan protests witnessed the bloodiest day. Snipers of Berkut and Interior Troops opened fire at people on Maidan on the order of pro-Russian government, killing 47 protesters. The decision sealed the fate of Ukrainian President Yanukovich and the pro-Russian government.

While all’s attention focused on events in Kyiv, the Russian army quietly started the plan to annex Crimea. Russian Black Sea Fleet transferred its military units stationed in Crimea to an enhanced security regime. Russian armored personnel carriers were spotted moving from Sevastopol towards Feodosia and a number of airfields of Black Sea Fleet’s naval aviation, allegedly to strengthen the protection of the facilities.

Activists in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast blocked a railway track and stopped a train carrying soldiers of 25th Airborne Brigade. They were, in full combat gear, heading towards Kyiv to disperse Maidan demonstration. Mykolaiv’s 79th Airmobile Brigade (now 79th Air Assault Brigade) received the same order.

Reconnaissance company of 25th Airborne Brigade departed to Crimea for a scheduled exercise near Perevalne settlement.

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