On February 23, anti-Maidan forces set up first roadblocks in Crimea and organized protests.

The year 2024 marks ten years since the start of Russian aggression against the Ukrainian state. MilitaryLand.net brings you a series of articles focused on the most important days of the initial phase of this war.

February 23, 2014

On the night of February 22 and 23, anti-tank hedgehogs appeared on the Yalta highway near Sevastopol. Police reported this is due to increased number of car thefts. Anti-tank hedgehogs also appeared in Verkhnyosadovo near Simferopol.

Ukrainian President Yanukovich, who left Kyiv on February 22 for Donetsk, was taken out of Ukraine from Berdyansk by a Russian helicopter. The Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor General fled to Russia.

Oleksandr Turchynov was designated as acting Prime Minister of Ukraine following the impeachment of Yanukovich.

Crimean authorities declared they do not recognize changes in Kyiv. Men in military uniforms appeared at the entrances of Sevastopol, alongside police units and traffic police. Blockposts were set up in the area of Honcharne, Ternivka and Oryol Bridge. Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian (organized by Crimean Tatars) rallies happened in Sevastopol.

The head of Ukrainian State Security Service (SBU) informed the leadership in Kyiv that Crimean department of SBU left the place of duty and turned off their phones.

Anti-Maidan rallies were held in Mariupol and Kherson. Ukrainian self-defense forces managed to take the situation under their control in Kherson, and the regional state administration building was taken under their guard.

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