On March 4, Ukrainian soldiers stationed at Belbek airfield refused to hand over their weapons.

The year 2024 marks ten years since the start of Russian aggression against the Ukrainian state. MilitaryLand.net brings you a series of articles focused on the most important days of the initial phase of this war.

March 4, 2014

Russian forces surrounded a checkpoint of Ukrainian anti-aircraft unit in Yevpatoria.

Ukrainian State Security Service reported that Crimea is under complete occupation of Russian forces, as all Ukrainian command posts and radio engineering bases were under siege.

The State Border Service of Ukraine was deployed at the entrances to Crimea in Kherson Oblast, and set up checkpoints in Salkovo, Kalanchak and Chaplinka.

A group of Ukrainian soldiers, led by Col. Yuliy Mamchur, marched towards armed Russian soldiers who were blocking the airbase. The first shots of this war were fired. Mamchur declared he and his unit remained loyal to Ukrainian nation and refused to surrender their weapons.

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