March 31, 2024

Special Forces form Ranger Regiment

A new unit was created in the structure of Ukrainian Special Operations Forces.


The command of Special Operations Forces (SSO) formed a new regiment named Rangers. The new unit strives to liberate Ukrainian land and restore the original borders of Ukraine. The structure of Rangers seems to be similar to modern Ukrainian special force units like Kraken. The regiment has its own UAV company, artillery and sapper unit.

Rangers Special Regiment is currently at the stage of formation and is actively looking for motivated soldiers. Servicemen of the unit are trained according to NATO standards in Ukraine and abroad.

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where does the information come from? I can’t find anything publicly available


We love you too, vatnik, but everything you say is just wrong.

Russia lost about 50 000 men in the last 6 months to capture a territory the size of Malta. Meanwhile, Europe may be slow, but they will do what must be done to defend Ukraine, despite the treachery of some Americans (Mike Johnson, Traitor Trump, etc).