The non-existent ceasefire ends today and Russia’s military hardware is on the move to Ukrainian boder. US Army troops in Europe raised watch alert.

People posting videos and photos on social media about Russian convoys heading towards the Ukrainian border. These convoys aren’t just regular military forces but also engineers and the airforce. What might be Russian intention is currently unknown as there are no scheduled exercises in the coming days. US troops stationed in Europe have been put on high watch alert as a crisis might be imminent. 

It can mean a lot of things but in the end, it’s Russian territory and Russia can move troops as they wish.

Russian Engineers with pontoon bridges spotted 25km east of the Ukrainian border

Psovsk Airborne troops moving out of the base

Russian agriculture facing a logistic shortage, all cargos have been taken by the Russian military

Military vehicles with painted marks spotted in Belarus, heading in direction of Ukraine

Krasnodar area, Russia

Kerch area, Russian artillery on the move

Russian helicopters in Rostov

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