Most likely the last rotation of the year 2019 happened in Joint Forces Operation Zone. Soldiers of three Ukrainian brigades have been replaced by their colleagues.

  • 24th Mechanized Brigade served its time and returns back to its homebase in Lviv. They guarded Marinka and the surrounding area.
  • 28th Mechanized Brigade returns to Donbas after a year-long break and replaces 24th Mechanized Brigade in Marinka.
  • 93rd Mechanized Brigade returns to their homebase in Chersaky.  They were deployed in Avdiivka.
  • 92nd Mechanized Brigade replaces their comrades of 93rd Mechanized Brigade in Avdiivka.
  • 25th Airborne Brigade finally returns to its base in Dnipro Region after a year-long deployment in Stanytsia Luhanska and alongside the border with Russia.
  • 46th AirAssault Brigade replaces 25th Airmobile Brigade in the area.

Our Deployment map has been updated to reflect the changes in Donbas.

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