The weekly recap of the latest unit changes on our Deployment map.

A collection of the most significant changes on our Deployment map during the past week. All information based on publicly available sources.

Kupyansk Axis

  • Khorne Group of 116th Mechanized Brigade has been deployed to Kupyansk direction. Given the enemy showed a drone footage of a destruction of AS-90, it seems the Artillery Group of 116th Mechanized Brigade has been redeployed to this area. (source) (source)
  • 4th Tank Brigade was relocated to Kharkiv Oblast, likely Kupyansk axis. (source)
  • Based on the lack of mention of any work of 21st Mechanized Brigade at the front and mentions on social media, we can assume they were withdrawn to reserve. *

Bakhmut Axis

  • No updates.

Avdiivka Axis

  • 1st Rifle Battalion of 1st Tank Brigade reinforced Ukrainian defense in the vicinity of Avdiivka, likely near Keramik. *
  • 13th Battalion of 58th Motorized Brigade was sent to reinforce Ukrainian defense near Avdiivka. (source)

Zaporizhzhia Axis

  • Lt. Gen. Serhiy Nayev visited the 47th Artillery brigade, revealing that the brigade had been withdrawn from the front. (source)
  • 12th Separate Tank Battalion was deployed to this axis. *

Kherson Axis

  • No updates.

Our Deployment Map has been updated to reflect the changes above.

Data marked with * come from public Facebook groups of Ukrainian volunteers asking for support, a list of captured soldiers, and so on. Due to possible personal data available at the source such as name etc., the links are hidden and can be provided on demand if requested.

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