Ukrainian command renames 46th AirAssault Brigade to Airmobile.

Russian invasion in February 2022 reveled that Ukrainian 40ish Air Assault Brigades are understaffed and not in a good shape. The 45th basically didn’t exist, while the 46th had only battalion capable of fighting.

When the United Kingdom offered to the Ukrainian government a training of Ukrainian recruits on British soil, the 46th Air Assault Brigade was their first choice. The brigade also received fresh Western supplies such as Wolfhound MRAPs and Husky TSV tactical vehicles. The obtained equipment indicated change from a heavy assault brigade to a light one.

After its arrival from the UK, the 46th AirAssault Brigade participated in the Kherson operation to liberate the right bank of Dnipro river. The operation showed two key things: the brigade is fully capable of fighting, and it no longer operates Soviet-made or Ukrainian-made equipment such as BTR-3s, BMP-1s or T-80s. The equipment was very likely passed to other Ukrainian units as replenishment.

The Air Assault Command announced the anticipated change a few days ago. The Poltava’s paratroopers were renamed to 46th Airmobile Brigade. The unit also received a new insignia, getting rid of the combination of red and black, which was disliked by many. Our page of 46th Airmobile Brigade was updated to reflect the changes.

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