Estimated organization of Ukrainian 3rd Assault Brigade as of September 2023.


The two Mechanized Battalions have very similar structures. Mainly based on M113/YPR-765 type APCs, they also appear to have some BMP-1 IFVs and MRAP-type vehicles in widespread video footage posted by the Brigade.

  • The 1st Mechanized Battalion’s Weapons Company is seen using M113s, while it’s not mentioned whether the 2nd Mechanized Battalion has one in place of the “standard” Support/AGS Platoon or not.
  • They both certainly have an additional Mortar Battery using smaller 82mm tubes. (source1, source2)
  • Both have organic/internal UAV units though only the 2nd Mechanized Battalion’s drone groups are specifically named and mentioned (Pnk and Lumiere groups).
  • Videos of both Mechanized Battalions show CASEVAC being executed via M113/YPR-765 vehicles, thus possibly indicating the Battalion Medical Center is mounted on them.

The two Assault Battalions are mounted on the same vehicles as the Mechanized Battalions (M113YPR-765BMP-1MRAPs).

  • It’s likely they both possess a second Mortar Battery (82mm) though no evidence confirming this could be found.
  • Both also have internal UAV units, the only known one being the 2nd Assault Battalion’s Shershen Group.

In general, there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference in the two Battalion types, even shown conducting combined operations in some instances.

The Tank Battalion seems to be operating Polish/Czech-donated T-72M1 tanks, with a number of FCS-upgraded T-72M1Rs.
At least one, possibly a few, T-90As have been captured by the Brigade and put back into service.

The 3rd’s Artillery Group is possibly one of the most varied and mixed in the entire Ukrainian Armed Forces.

  • Within the standard Group’s structure, the 1st Artillery Battalion (Divizion), also known as “Komanda Postril” has been seen operating 2A65 Msta-B (152mm) towed howitzers, KS-19 (100mm) towed anti-aircraft guns used for ground fire, along with a low number of captured 2S19 Msta-S (152mm) self-propelled howitzers.
    Additionally, a part of the Battalion has been training on future-donated AS-90 (155mm) SPHs in the UK.
  • The 2nd Artillery Battalion is lighter in nature, having been seen operating US-donated M119 (105mm) and old D-30 (122mm) towed howitzers.
  • The MLRS Battalion is standard-equipped with Bastion-01 and Bastion-02 launchers.
  • The Anti-Tank Artillery Battalion seems to employ a mixture of SPG-9 recoilless guns and an unknown number of old D-44 (85mm) field guns.

A separate Sniper Platoon “Gar” is mentioned on the Brigade’s socials and has an emblem in similar style to the Maneuver Battalions.

The Brigade is often generating new UAV groups of various types, some attached to specific Battalions, others under Brigade command.
These include widely-known TerraKrylaMosquitos and Fatum.


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