Operation Report is a summary of what happened in Joint Forces Operation Zone (previously known as Anti-Terrorist Operation zone or ATO) during the last week.


October 3, 2019

  • Tyshyk Yuriy (14th Mechanized Brigade) a senior soldier. He was killed by an enemy sniper during duty at Ukrainian checkpoint in Luhansk Region. 14th Mechanized Brigade is deployed at Krymske and the nearby area.

October 4, 2019

  • Reminnyy Oleh (1st Tank Brigade) a scout. He was killed by artillery attack on Marinka, Donetsk Region.

October 6, 2019

  • Deykun Ivan (28th Mechanized Brigade) a senior soldier. He was killed during a skirmish with the enemy near Krasnohorivka, Donetsk Region.

Casualties maphttps://militaryland.net/ukraine/casualties-map/


Movement of Russian military near Kharkiv Region



Pullback of Ukrainian Troops at Zolote

Ukrainian Army should withdraw from the frontline at Zolote on October 7. Such move is criticized by Ukrainian volunteers who promise to replace the military.


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