New Marine Brigades are being formed (Updated)

Ukrainian Army has decided to form new 37th and 38th Marine Brigade in the structure of Ukrainian Naval Forces.

On February 10, the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in cooperation with Ukrainian volunteers, handed over military trucks, car tires and Starlink terminals to a newly formed brigade of Ukrainian Naval Infantry.

Poroshenko with the marines of Ukrainian 37th Marine Brigade

“The brigade is new, but the commanders and personnel are my good friends. We first met in 2014, they served in the famous 79th AirAssault Brigade.” Poroshenko notes. His words indicate that the new marine brigade is probably being formed on the basis of one of the battalions of 79th AirAssault Brigade. According to the available information, the 37th Marine Brigade is being formed in the south.

Back in 2019, Ukrainian Armed Forces were considering to reform Ukrainian 56th Motorized Brigade under the command of Ukrainian Naval Infantry. One of the suggested numbers of the brigade was 37. However, it never happened and 56th Motorized Brigade remained in the structure of Ukrainian Ground Forces.

Update (February 26, 2022, 11:50):

Ukrainian Army is also forming 38th Marine Brigade. The brigade is being formed on the basis of well known 503rd Marine Battalion. Thanks to our Discord server member Dikobraz for pointing this out. This brings the number of marine brigades to four.

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I think there are 5 marine brigades including those being formed, the 34th is being formed in the Kremenchug area


Why are so many new units being formed? After the war, most of them will be disbanded anyway.

Organizationally, it makes more sense to replenish existing units and combine decimated ones. That a unit can fight on several fronts has already been proven in this war.


Because the Ukrainian army needs to increase its size for the liberation of the occupied territories, and the are receiving heavy equipment (tanks, IFV, artillery) accordingly.

Since you cannot expand the size of existing brigades, you have to create new ones.


in the end, Hitler also tried to win against russia with imaginated units …


Probably because more weapons will arrive in the last two months than in a whole year. The Russians also increase the active Brigades in the division.


Some Russian sources claim about forming of additional 34th naval brigade and 82 air assault.