UNA-UNSO deployed several squads to monitor the situation on the border.

There are currently numerous squads of UNSO deployed to Belarusian border as part of Armed Forces, Territorial Defenses and Border Guards units. Their mission is to monitor the current situation and patrol selected areas. The units have been deployed in the area since late November. This has been official announced on the official website of the organization.

This information sheds more light into the participation of UNSO members within Armed Forces of Ukraine and other state branches. It appears that UNSO has much more units within the structure than we originally thought. We’ll update our site once we learn more.

Video message from the border (in Ukrainian):

UNA-UNSO is a Ukrainian far-right political organization created in 1990. It actively participated during Maidan 2014 and the military wing has its members deployed in Donbas as part of 131st Reconnaissance Battalion. 

source: unso.org.ua

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