Invasion Day 87 – Summary

The summary of the 87th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 21st of May 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

Russian forces have advanced from the direction of Popasna and managed to capture several settlements. The overall situation in Donbas doesn’t look promising for the defenders. Ukrainian forces need to rethink their defensive strategy and use the Russian focus on Donbas to its advantage elsewhere.

Ukrainian defenders at Azovstal laid down their arms and surrendered to Russian forces. The battle of Mariupol is over.

Note: I apologize for a brief inactivity. I’m sick, and I had to spend a few days in the bed. I tried to gather as much information as possible, but I might miss something. Please let me know in the comment section below in case you find a mistake.

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Kharkiv Frontline

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

T-storms | ~21 °C

Shelling: Chornohlazivka, Prudianka, Demetrivka, Ternova

Ukrainian forces liberated Demetrivka near Pytomnyk, north of Kharkiv.

Siverskyi Donets

includes the area of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut

rain showers | ~22 °C

Shelling: Velyka Komyshuvakha, Dovhenke, Lyman, Sievierodonetsk, Borivske, Toshkivka, Vasylivka, Lypove, Pylypchatyne, Bakmut

Things went south on Siverskyi Donets frontline in the meanwhile. Russian troops captured Oleksandrivka, Shandryholove, Novoselivka, Drobysheve and made an attempt to lay a pontoon bridge near Yeremivka.

The enemy has also reached Ustynivka near Lysychansk, but the attack on the village was repelled.

In the vicinity of Popasna, Russian troops used the terrain to its advantage and advanced deep into Ukraine-controlled territory. During the past days, they managed to capture Oleksandropillia, Druzhba, Trypillia and have reached the edge of Vasylivka, Lypove, Volodomyrivka and Vyskryva.

South-Eastern Front

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

mostly cloudy | ~26 °C

Donetsk Oblast

Shelling: Vremivka, Mykilske, Novomykhailivka, Marinka, Avdiivka

Russian troops attempted to break through Ukrainian lines in the vicinity of Vremivka, Novomykhalivka, Marinka and Avdiivka, but they were unsuccessful.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Shelling: Kamyanske, Novodanylivka, Orikhiv, Huliaipole, Poltavka

There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.


includes the Azovstal Plant in Mariupol

mostly cloudy | ~21 °C

Ukrainian Supreme Military Command ordered the Mariupol’s garrison to save their lives and lay down arms. The Ukrainian defenders have fulfilled the order and surrendered to Russian forces in hope they’ll be later swapped for Russian prisoners. The wounded Ukrainian soldiers were taken to Novoazovsk while the rest were transported to a prison facility near Donetsk.

The battle of Mariupol is over.

Kherson Frontline

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

partly sunny | ~24 °C

Mykolaiv Oblast

There was no change on the ground in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Kherson Oblast

Russia seems to have no intention to advance forward until it secures Donbas. The Ukrainian defensive strategy comes short here and despite having enough forces in the area, the Ukrainian units are on the defense.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of Russian Army, DPR and LPR (taken with a grain of salt)

Visit our Deployment map for updated interactive map of captured areas and Ukrainian units.

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Continuing my previous post In addition to unfavourable terrain around Popasna, the Russians may also run into supply problems, as spelled out here: Henry Schlottman on Twitter: “Just to offer a possible refinement: I believe Popasna is the most critical sector currently, is likely funneling reinforcements in. Initial take on logistics a few days ago suggested they may have issues sustaining an offensive here from Luhansk/Starobil’s’k railyards” / Twitter The fact that a… Read more »


Anyone worrying about the situation in the Popasna-Bakhmut area should have a look at this: John Helin on Twitter: “@emilkastehelmi With the talk of a Russian breakthrough at Soledar and the T1302 in danger of being cut off it’s important to look at the topography of the Bakhmut – Lysychansk are and why these developments are important. A short thread on the Russian advance 1/” / Twitter While Popasna is at quite some elevation… Read more »


Russian troops in Mykolivsky, next to Svitlodarsk.

Necro Mancer on Twitter: “Пишут, что это посёлок #Мироновский Донецкой обл. #роа” / Twitter

Otherwise, Jerome, pls. check for my previous post that is still awaiting moderation (possibly one link too much) on Ukrainian presence in Vovchansk rayon east of the S. Donets.


I’m glad to hear that you are back, and wish you speedy recovery. N. Ruser thinks the Ukrainians have been able a few days ago to build a bridgehead on the eastern bank of the S. Donets at Zarichne. FIRMS data confirms fighting in that are, but that may also reflect shelling across the river. Nathan Ruser on Twitter: “Putin’s War — The Ukraine Briefing Map for May 23rd. Relatively quiet weekend, with few gains.… Read more »

Om Nom

Curious, what kind of weapon bombed Bakhmut? It looks that the russians are still 20km away from the city. Why the city looks hit on the map?


Russians in their official briefing said they used air-to-surface missiles against command centers, but I also read that Bakhmut is well within the range of Russian tube artillery now


I’m sorry, but unfortunately these reports are getting more and more inaccurate and incomplete. For example russians recaptured some ground in Kharkiv region and started again to shell the city.

Henry Whitworth

Has there been some confirmation of those Russian claims? What do you believe they’ve recaptured in Kharkiv?

Last edited 8 months ago by Henry Whitworth

From ISW, LNR reported that they have troops in Rubizhne, Kharkiv Oblast. I think this is just the fog of war. Each map is slightly different based on the sources that they pull in. Wiki, Liveuampa, ISW, militaryland, scibblemaps, and the various sources on Twitter that have maps. Some sources like militaryland seem to be more conservative on updating the map waiting for solid information one way or the other. Plus with all the repeated… Read more »

Henry Whitworth

Yeah, we’ve seen a lot of that along different fronts. Russia blows everything up until Ukraine backs off enough, they move into the rubble, get blown up in turn, pull back out. Ukraine maybe re-occupies the rubble. A few days later the same thing is happening again. All of it with just sketchy reporting trickling out via Twitter feeds or whatever. The maps just leaving “Contested Zone” in these area are probably being pretty smart… Read more »


Is there any reliable information about who is controlling Velika Komyshuvakha and Dovhenke? Thank you


Get well soon and thank you for the hard work. Noticed 503rd Marine Btn in SE Front. Was this unit reformed after Mariupol?


The Russians occupied the Ternova region north of Kharkov, and you can update it in your next article.


They counterattack. But i am Still not sure if they capture the settlement.

Some People talk about the capture of rubizne in another counterattack. And rumor of ukr crossing the river east to karkiv.

All of this is not confirmed for me.

Last edited 8 months ago by dolgan

Yeah, I am with you on this. I haven’t seen any valid confirmation one way or another. The ukr crossing the river east of Staryi Saltiv from what I can tell was solely based on fire maps from NASA. But artillery could have easily accomplished that work from the west side of the river. Or even military and civilian saboteurs. UA Commander in Chief announced today 24 villages have been liberated over the last two… Read more »


Get well soon take care of yourself ! Thanks again for the news and maps this is really important work, but we understand if you need some rest 🙂


get well soon! 🙂


Sadly,Ternova has been captured by Russians again.
But I heard that Ukrainians have crossed the river east of Kharkiv


Hope you can pay attention to rest, keep healthy!

The Russian offensive near Popasna was very strong and it is said that they put in 10 BTGS to fight in this salient.  The hope is that the Ukrainian army will send more troops and that artillery will be able to deter Russian attacks.  If the Russians break the Ukrainian defenses, Luhansk will be completely under Russian control.  


That’s an inevitable  result, and no matter what advice you offer here, it doesn’t change the facts.


You’re evil, but have no worry, the Ukrainian army is getting stronger, and the Russian army is getting weaker.


Fine! The one who tells you the truth is the evil, the one who deceives you is the angel.


You are stating an opinion and not a fact.


wow can you give Jerome a break Xpoint he’s been sick in his bed trying to be nice to the people that go to this website by giving some info about the war in Ukraine!


They key point is topography. If you look a topographic map, Popasna is above 200 meters it’s surrounds. So Russian artillery can shell with mortars the vicinity without risks of counter batteries.

scott bricker

Tactics.. Take out the damn bridges near Kherson to stop any offensive in that region and use the 77 Howitzers and airstirkes to counter offensive and trap 10 battalions. Donbass.. more troops needed (about 8,000) to strenghten the defense of the region…let Russian troops progess then shell them and then use helicopters and howittzers to engulup them. Use more Anti Aircraft stingers to secure the sky. Izum is key to the west..use paratroopers to seize… Read more »


That’s not bad ideas, but it all costs money. The 4th tactic is already used, in russia there’s a lot of ukranian saboteurs.


Paratroopers? Wtf


It seems very easy. I don’t understand why you are not yet the new commander in chief of the Ukrainian Army !
Otherwise, in the real world, a 777 Howitzer is just an artillery battery like Russian have, and if Ukrainian withdraw it is because they are obliged to.


Thank you, wishing you a speedy recovery.


Ukraine should really counterattack some weak spot of the Russian line. They must be planning some sort of a counteroffensive. Otherwise Russians are just going to gobble up village by village. Severodonetsk & Lysychansk will be the next Mariupol.


Ukraine should attack that Russian base near Soliti in Belgorod at 50.226408,38.108


With what ? May be in 2 month with long range missile.

Henry Whitworth

You have to look at what it’s costing Russia for each village and try to picture the army Ukraine is building this entire time. The fact that Russia can bleed forward by a few kilometers here and there during their roll of the dice offensive doesn’t mean they can just keep moving forward like that until they somehow defeat the Ukrainian military. Russia is pouring it on now for some local tactical successes but they… Read more »


My comments are often blocked, I’m just stating the truth.
Learn about pincer offensive or pincer tactics, please. You can recall the attack pattern of the Russian army in the Syrian battlefield. What you said: “by rolling the dice”, it’s the first stage of pincer encirclement. If the defender does not receive immediate and substantial support, it is bound that they would be driven out or destroyed.


Yes. And the pincer fail since 87 days. So ukr are not so weak and so bad that you think. Or you think ru are stronger of the reality .


as you say the Russian army is very slow. But comparing to 20 years in Vietnam, 7 years in Iraq, 20 years in Afghanistan, 87 days is just a moment. Laughing at the Russian army will not take back the occupied territories. Johnson said to Zelensky: “the Russian army is very weak and very vulnerable, you can defeat them, don’t sign any agreement with them.” Now, you see the bad consequences of these boasting and… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by XPOINT

It is quite apparent that you are a troll, but interesting to see that you cannot diffrentiate between different types of warfare and still be so certain that you provide the “truth”. And btw how did the Soviet army (which doctrines the Russian army is using) do in Afghanistan? As the Russian hord of Orcs (it is not worhty of being referred to as an army – which has to live up to certain standards,… Read more »


was there at least one official statement by the Russian authorities that the special operation would end within a few days?


It looks like you didn’t understand pincer tactics as I suggested. The pincers to the attacked side are continuously generated, continuously expelled and encircled. there will be multiple pincers at the same time , and there will be small pincers in large pincers. If you can see dynamic map, you’ll understand pincers better. Why Russia failed in Afghanistan, why America failed in Afghanistan too, they are for other reasons. I hope you already know those… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by XPOINT

It is clear that you do not understand tactical and operational aspects in time and space. I know the doctrines of the Hord of orcs and its pre-decessor. The expected advance speed in that doctrine is something completely different than what you try to convey here. I referred to Afghanistan to counter your ridiculuous reference to that, Vietnam etc. So it is you who do not understand the different types of warfare in all of… Read more »


Considering lots of street fightings in villages and cities, I don’t think it can be regarded as slow. You can list and compare street battles in history, such as Aleppo, Mosul or others
There are many failures of the Russian army. However, you should see the Ukrainian army is all hiding in various civilian concrete buildings, it is an exaggeration to say that they are strong.


Considering lots of street fightings in villages and cities, I don’t think it can be regarded as slow. You can list and compare street battles in history, such as Aleppo, Mosul or others
You should see the Ukrainian army is all hiding in various civilian concrete buildings, it is an exaggeration to say that they are strong.


Again. Your knowledge in this matter is truly miniscule. There is really no point to discuss further. The doctrine of the Hord of Orcs is aimed at avoiding being bogged down in city fighting. The aim is to bypass, preferraby with pincer actions and then sweep up resistance in towns and cities once encirclment has been achieved. But the Hord never achieved any true pincer success anywhere. And thus your claim in the last sentence… Read more »


I’m not your enemy and it doesn’t take embarrass to tell the truth. Your enemy is in the Donbass.


If anyone doubted that you are indeed a troll you just proved it by using a typical troll tactics. I.e make a claim – unable to back it up with objective facts – get wrecked in the follow-on discussion – after a number of back an forths (incl. shift focus, unrelated “facts” etc)- reiterate the initial claim. Repeat this loop indefinitely.


Dude if the Ukraine wasn’t strong they probably wouldn’t be alive right now.


The Russians started the war with about 150 thousand soldiers and Ukrain with 400 thousand soldiers.


The russian army will eventually win this battle, or a portion of it. But they’ve lost the war. Even if they manage a big result as encircling some chunk of uaf in Severodonetsk, they will still need to beat them, and as Mariupol has shown, it can be difficult. And even if they manage that, the losses of manpower, equipment, momentum plus winter will likely stop any big further advances. russian leadership know that things… Read more »


what you mentioned “Russia call it a “win” “, also can be replaced to “US” or “EU”.

Last edited 8 months ago by XPOINT
Henry Whitworth

This is some seriously weak trolling, dude. “Learn about offensive or pincer tactics, please.” lol Ok.

There are people really trying to discuss the war here and I appreciate that some of them know more than I do so I’d like to be able to read the comments. You and the other troll who may actually be the same troll take up most of the section. Why don’t you cut it out?


I sincerely hope you do not mean me? Just because I take the discussion with the troll and expose IT, does not make me a troll.


Welcome back! Some independent reporting websites have been taken down by Russia through technical means, threats, or bribes. I was afraid you were one of those. Thank you for your efforts!

Orbital View

Thank you on your grit for posting now even if you are not feeling so well, and for all your work – I hope you continue to get better.


Get well soon! In the meantime, I really appreciate the new updates with the comments. Testing new updates for everyone:

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Quote < link to

the best website for conflict updates


I may have screwed up the spoiler, I’ll work it out.

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Edit: You can now edit comments

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Edit: The bullets inside other bullets do not appear to work, but that’s fine. I don’t think that’s much of a necessary thing anyways, just looked like it worked while writing the comment. Also editing comments works only before you leave the page, but I completely understand why this is as we use created usernames rather than actual accounts. Other than that I like it!


For a minute I thought you were talking about cluster ammunition…


Not so bad as Bakhmut well-protected. Russian troops would be a good target for Ukrainian artillery


Sorry to hear that you have not been well – wishing you a speedy recovery + many thanks for this insightful service that you provide!


Good that your healthy and back at it again. But i see you missed some of the russian advances. In the Popasna they have also taken Volodymyrivka, Nova Kam’yanka, Stryapivka, Vyskryva, Viktorivka. There are reports of russian troops that have advanced and are in Troitsky. The Russians are also forming a cauldron in Zolote


Ukraine is not been truthful about the war, Zelensky lying about about his non existent attempt to rescue the Azov,with helicopter their would of been a record of the downing Google ORYX Destroyed

Orbital View

Obvious trollski is obvious


Spend more energy on the king of liars … Putin. Keep your Russian troll farm propaganda to yourself. Zelensky could eat babies for every meal and still be 1000x the person Putin could ever be.


I am American,we American generally do not like to be lied too, especially,when we are footing the bill, Zelensky is more likely to be influenced by an Russian agent than me,his top advisor is said to be one Google Yermak MI6


Regarding this point you said, I would like to add that all politicians lie. Pompeo said publicly: We lied, We cheated, We stole.
So, the people, should get away from the politicians and the media. Be alert to what they say.
And clearly, Zelensky believed Johnson’s lies.

Last edited 8 months ago by XPOINT

I read your posts everyday and I really wanna pay you some beer or idk what you need. Soon, when I get salary, you will get it a lot. Thanks for updates! And I hope you will get better soon 🙂


I read in some web pages that some additional cities are captured by Russian forces:

  • In the vicinity of Kharkiv: Ternova have been recaptured by Russian forces.
  • In the vicinity of Siversky donetsk: villages of Schedrischevo and Sirotino have been captured
  • In the vicinity of Popasna: Troitskoye and Tripillya have been captured.

Ternova and Rubizne in Kharkiv area were reported lost to Russian counterattack unfortunately.


I doubt that the ukranians in azovstal surrendered cause they were ordered to. It startet with smaller units surrendering and than bigger and bigger groups surrendered. Seems more like tha gouvernment had no say in this and just claimed they ordered it to safe face.

Marcus Jonas

to be honest when you have no ammo or medical supplies what can you do?


been waiting for this update


You went sick for a few days, and look what happened!

Hope you feel better.