May 12, 2022

Invasion Day 78 – Summary

The summary of the 78th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 12th of May 2022 (Kyiv time). Day summary: Russian forces have captured the city of Rubizhne while Ukrainian forces are moving additional reinforcements to the area of Siverskyi Donets. Belarus continues to move its forces to the border with Ukraine….


The summary of the 78th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 12th of May 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

Russian forces have captured the city of Rubizhne while Ukrainian forces are moving additional reinforcements to the area of Siverskyi Donets.

Belarus continues to move its forces to the border with Ukraine. Situation in Transnistria remains unchanged.

Kharkiv Frontline

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

mostly cloudy | ~22 °C

Shelling: Rusky Tushky, Pytomnyk

There was no change on the ground in Kharkiv Oblast.

Siverskyi Donets

includes the area of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut

partly sunny | ~24 °C

Shelling: Oleksandrivka, Lyman, Novoselivka, Toshkivka

Ukrainian forces have retreated from Rubizhne and Vojevodivka towards Sievierodonetsk and Pryvillia. During the retreat, Ukrainian forces blew up a bridge connecting Vojevodivka and Sievierodonetsk. This has been confirmed by the head of Sievierodonetsk city council.

Russian troops attempted to break through Ukrainian lines in the area of Novoselivka, but the attack was repulsed. Fighting continues in the vicinity of Oleksandrivka and Shandryholove.

Some elements of 58th Mechanized Brigade have been redeployed from Sumy Oblast to support Ukrainian units stationed in this the area.

South-Eastern Front

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

partly sunny | ~26 °C

Donetsk Oblast

Shelling: Marinka, Avdiivka

Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions at Zelene Pole. The attack was successfully repulsed. Russian forces continue to unsuccessfully assault Ukrainian positions at Marinka and Avdiivka.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Shelling: Orikhiv, Huliaipole

There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.


includes the Azovstal Plant in Mariupol

partly sunny | ~21 °C

Russian forces broke into the Azovstal plant and captured a few buildings on the edge. Ukrainian troops managed to push the enemy back in the evening.

Kherson Frontline

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

mostly sunny | ~27 °C

Mykolaiv Oblast

There was no change on the ground in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Kherson Oblast

There was no change on the ground in Kherson Oblast. Heavy fighting is reportedly ongoing on the regional border of Kherson and Mykolaiv Oblast.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of Russian Army, DPR and LPR (taken with a grain of salt)

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What if Ukraine lose and What if Russia lose,it something for people in Russia and Ukraine to punder, do people have a plan b, because the loser,will lose big


if Ukraine lose, he would lost the territory of the industrial zone, and lost the basic conditions for joining NATO and the European Union. It’s hard to imagine what would happen if Russia lost. He could drop a nuclear bomb on Odessa for immediate victory, possibly prompting Zelensky’s immediate surrender. Or target his nuclear bombs to Finland to deter the West and stop all aid immediately. Or target Britain or his ultimate enemy, the United… Read more »


Xpoint,Russia is only 2 miles from Alaska,we have more troops in Europe,than Alaska,have ever thought about visiting America,you would not be bored


I pointed out a risk, and obviously we all hope it doesn’t happen. It should be noted that in the face of nuclear bombs, people or troops are all pieces of paper that can be burned.


Putin has not given up his ambition of capturing Kiev,he intend to take the middle route, toward Kiev ,by way of the Dnipro River,one bite at time


Can you make a distinction between ‘Russian forces’ and Donbas/Luhansk militias? From your notes it’s difficult to ascertain who is actually doing the fighting.

Henry Whitworth

These are the same forces and always have been.


I read on some Serbian papers “sorry for English” It is too early to say that the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic took the OSU (Ukranian Army) group to the boiler “surroundings” in the Avdeyevka area, but Ukrainian units have already lost their freedom of movement, DNR President Denis Pushilin told Channel One. “We can talk about the operational environment, that is, about fixing all important points of ammunition supply and blocking the… Read more »


There’s no confirmation from Ukrainian officials about retreating from Rubizhne.

Yes, the bridges were destroyed, but there’s no issue for defenders of Rubizhne to cross the Borova river and reach Siverodonetsk if necessary, see for instance,38.4006778,3a,80.5y,163.17h,87.28t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipOvDFbbUjxAWJ__9Lb1yR0M_odGpOEzqspvJfHI!2e10!3e11!!7i8704!8i4352


US Senate cancel Ukraine 40 billion appropriation vote ,due concern over corruption by Republicans Senator Rand Paul Google Rand Paul Ukraine Aid


I not fan of Paul,but the US got burnt by Aghanistan stealing billion of dollars,putting nonexistent people in the payroll,he just asking for auditor,unless Ukraine like corruption,the money do not bother ,but their should be over sight of the distribution of the fund


Well, I guess it’s better if more money will go actually to Ukraine and not to someone’s pockets. One week delay won’t really change much at this point. I just hope that all this won’t go into usual US bureaucratic shit with months of waiting.


Lots of this money will go too defense contractors,in America,this how American use it foreign aid, Ukraine will be lucky to get a tenth through humanitarian aid,hand out by government officials, politician use get campaign contributions from the contractors


Turkey too veto Sweden and Finland bid to join NATO , Macron say Ukraine should give land for peace Google Turkey Finland Sweden Google Macron Ukraine

Henry Whitworth

Rand Paul is a real piece of garbage. This is not new.


The city of Sievierodonetsk is now the most important fortress on the north bank, which reminds me of the battle of Stalingrad, both of which were urban battles near the river. The Russians would not be foolish enough to storm the city with infantry, but would probably try to encircle Sievierodonetsk by attacking the south bank of the river. Okay, well, attacking the south bank of the river doesn’t look easy either, but the Russians… Read more »


It was more a case of preventing the bill from being accelerated than delaying it, technically. But the outcome won’t change, it will just take a few more days.

In some cases, however, a minority of Senators can, with enough motivation and stamina, stall a bill indefinitely, even if a majority wants to pass it:

(The Russian plan for Severodonetsk is probably similar to what they did with Mariupol.)


Americans spent $2 trillion and still lost the war in Afghanistan. So trying to beat Russia for just $40 billion is like a joke.


Technically it was not the war that was lost in Afghanistan. Americans lost a dream to turn Afghanistan into a democracy. Situation in Ukraine is the opposite. The West want to protect an existing democracy, not to establish a new one. This why they win.


The ultimate goal of the Americans maintaining troops in Afghanistan is to control Central Asia and then Eurasia. Democracy is just one of the means by which he controls Afghanistan, just as he has used democracy as an excuse to subvert the regimes of other countries. If you believe that it entered Ukraine for democracy, then you cannot explain that the United States waged 13 foreign wars after World War II and maintained a close… Read more »


Americans will not support long-term wars that have little to do with them. and purely from a military point of view, America will be doomed to fail, just as he did in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.


We had a 380 billion budget surplus in April, Google US April 2020 Budget Surplus


The thing is, they arent winning, the donbas frontline is already faltering


Very convincing. Please invest $300 billion to support the war in Ukraine. Then, remember to give out 10 billion dollars to the homeless on the street, and the rest can be used to subsidize the poor people in the United States who are struggling due to inflation.


Ukraine will never see the level of money,we spent on Afghanistan,we are going into an election,an American politican have to answer to voters,they have a 1.7 trillion dollar stimulus bill,it they pass it , would get them lots of votes ,if passed


$2 trillion over 20 years = $8.3 billion a month

$40 billion over the next 5 months = $8 billion a month

Plus, other NATO members will likely add $1+ billion a month?


The longer the war lasts, the more oil and gas Russia will earn. as it has happened now. The more the US and EU invest in the Ukraine war, the more they will hurt themselves. And because of inflation, the US will face more and more losses, the economies of some EU countries will collapse, they will resist the US war policy, and the US and Europe will be divided. At this time, you will… Read more »


When part of the Republican Party is de facto a Russian asset, many things things can be stalled… remember the infamous “you should do us a favour though”… let’s hope people will realise it before the midterms…


As much as i despise , Republicans policies,they are not influenced by Russia overtly,maybe covertly ,by becoming willingly ignorant of the Russian influence campaign in the 2016, election, American Ukrainian vote mostly for Republicans policies,not like most others American minority,

Henry Whitworth

Who says they aren’t influenced directly? That most definitely is not supported. How in the world does the GOP deserve the benefit of the doubt on something like that? They lie as brazenly as Putin’s government. “This is genius. Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine – of Ukraine. Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful.” -Donald J Trump The GOP is an anti-democracy force in America. Their dalliance with dictators like Putin… Read more »


The GOP is an old dying Party, Trump is more of a useful idiot of Putin,they are mostly anti women and anti minority,but Ukrainian I heard vote for them,America is moving toward a majority minority country,in which minority of all ethnic will make up the majority population of the US Google Ukrainian GOP


Oleksandrivka (near Kherson) appears to be (all the time?) under russian control.


Which Oleksandrivka? There are 109 in total in the Ukraine.

In earlier threads there was a Problem, because the Oleksandrivka on the coast to the east of Kherson and the Oleksandrivka further north, between Kherson and Snihurivka got mixed up.

Yesterday, I made a similiar mistake and mistook Bairak in Sumy Oblast for the Bairak in Kharkiv Oblast.