The summary of the seventh day of Russian invasion to Ukraine.


Russian forces captured the first regional capital and are advancing towards Slovyansk from the west. Ukrainian recaptured a town near Kyiv but Donbas, and mainly Mariupol, is approaching a critical stage.

Southern front

Kherson area

Soon after the midnight (Kyiv time), Russian forces captured the Kherson city hall and announced the capture of the city. It is the first regional capital captured by the Russian side.

Mykolaiv area

Russian troops landed near Mykolaiv, but were eliminated or captured by Ukrainian forces. Apart from sporadic shelling, there was no attack on the city itself. The spearheading element still roams in the north of the city, the location is unknown.

Tokmak area

Russian forces captured Kamianska-Dniprovska and Vasylivka. Ukrainian forces blew up a railway bridge in Vasylivka yesterday, which complicates the Russian advance to the north. Local Ukrainian self-defense force guards Enerhodar, but there is no military presence, and they are encircled.

Northern frontline

Kyiv area

Elements of 14th Mechanized Brigade and 95th AirAssault Brigade successfully liberated the town of Makariv near Kyiv.

The large Russian column hasn’t reached its destination yet.

Chernihiv area

No changes, Ukraine Army continue to defend the area.

Ichnia area

Ukrainian forces ambushed an enemy convoy near Kruty and destroyed several vehicles. Russian forces claim they reached the outskirts of Brovary, but we’re unable to confirm it.

Eastern frontline

Sumy area

Ukrainian defense line are still holding. There are most likely some Russian elements moving around the region, but there is no footage.

Ukrainian self-defense force in Konotop received a warning that either they surrender or the town will be leveled.

Kharkiv area

The center of Kharkiv was shelled today and numerous buildings are heavy damaged. The Russian spearheading force flanked to the east, captured Balakliia and reportedly heading towards Izium. If Ukrainian forces won’t stop this spearheading force, they might soon reach Sloviansk and cause huge problems for the forces in Donbas.

Donbas frontline

Luhansk area

Russian forces claim they reached Svatove, connected with the forces in the north, and encircled remaining Ukrainian troops near Bilovodsk. We cannot confirm any of this, and it might be just propaganda.

Donetsk area

Russian troops advanced inside Volnovakha, and captured most of the town. According to Ukrainian sources, Volnovakha is almost completely destroyed. Ukrainian Forces lost one BMP-1 and at least one tank during the battle.


Mariupol was under heavy shelling all day, but Russian forces haven’t started the assault yet. Heavy damage is reported inside the city, including a dozen civilian casualties.

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