May 3, 2022

Invasion Day 69 – Summary

The summary of the 69th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 3rd of May 2022 (Kyiv time). Day summary: Ukrainian forces have successfully pushed the Russian troops away from Chuhuiv and Kharkiv to Stary Saltiv. The defenders are successfully holding out in all other parts of Ukraine. Russian forces hit a…


The summary of the 69th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 3rd of May 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

Ukrainian forces have successfully pushed the Russian troops away from Chuhuiv and Kharkiv to Stary Saltiv. The defenders are successfully holding out in all other parts of Ukraine.

Russian forces hit a number of cities across Ukraine in the evening, including Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa and Vinnytsia. The enemy reportedly targeted Ukrainian railway infrastructure.

Note: There won’t be a summary tomorrow, I decided to take a small break.

Kharkiv Frontline

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

mostly sunny | ~19 °C

Shelling: Zolochiv, Derhachi, outskirts of Kharkiv, Vesele, Chuhuiv, Barvinkove

Ukrainian troops continue to push the enemy away from Kharkiv, and they have liberated Molodava near Stary Saltiv today. Ukrainian artillery destroyed a Russian supply convoy near the village of Vesele.

Siverskyi Donets

includes the area of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut

partly sunny | ~18 °C

Shelling: Krymky, Lyman, Siversk, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Popasna

Russian troops attempted to advance near Dovhenke towards Slovyansk, but the attack wasn’t successful. All available information indicates that Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from Yampil towards Ozerne and behind the Siverskyi Donets river. The fighting continues in Rubizne, Popasna and in the vicinity of Lyman.

South-Eastern Front

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

partly sunny | ~18 °C

Donetsk Oblast

Shelling: Velyka Novosilka, Vuhledar, Marinka, Avdiivka

There was no change on the ground in Donetsk Oblast.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Shelling: Orikhiv

There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.


includes the Azovstal Plant in Mariupol

partly sunny | ~16 °C

Russian troops have launched an assault on Azovstal in the afternoon. We are waiting for the details.

Kherson Frontline

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

mostly cloudy | ~19 °C

Mykolaiv Oblast

There was no change on the ground in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Kherson Oblast

Shelling: Nova Zoria

There was no change on the ground in Kherson Oblast.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of Russian Army, DPR and LPR (taken with a grain of salt)

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We live in cold world,just because the world is that way, you should not give into your temptation, people like Putin are sociopath,they have no psychological empathy for no one but themselves,Putin would sacrifice Russian for his end game,Putin do not care about dead Russian,and especially do not care about dead Ukrainian,only thing Putin fear that he will up like the Czar,that is his worst nightmare Google This American Life Putin


Putin,is more dangerous, because he may be dying of cancer,and have nothing to lose,he probably do not know he losing,being hype up on steroids and other medicine,for his cancer Google Putin Cancer


Putin 9 May speech will be very important. He has to explain to Russia population whats next ? Is the special operation finished, and so what are the results ? Is it in fact a full war “due to bad NATO/US/US….” and requires mobilization/escalation ? Is everything is going “according to the plan”, but we are just rewriting the plan. Are we now opened to negociation ? The moral for Russia forces will be defined… Read more »


That the good consequence of freeing Kharkiv…


waiting for the 70 day report


Synopsis of the battle Google Twitter Geoconfirmed


According to RIA Novosti, Stary Saltiv has been under Ukrainian control since at least May 4.


Russian top general for Ukraine is operating his command at a base near Soliti,this base is 13.7 miles , near Ukraine 50.266408,38.111


Why is violence against women, so prevalent in Russia and Ukraine how can a society hope to be progressive,I know Russian do not have good laws protecting women against violence,I hope this war has not made thing worse for the women of Ukraine and Russia,when men come back from the war front


As an American,I am puzzle,why millions of Ukrainain,turn against their country and give aid and comfort,to Ukraine enemy Russia, Ukrainian over 40 , know what hell it is living under Russia,while part of the Soviet Union,and do it willingly in the Donbass area,they are more of the blame,than blaming European in other countries

Michal Slastan

As an American your English sucks somehow? But I am happy you are puzzle.


I am a fluent speaking American with a realistic American view,,at the end of the day, countries and people are responsible for their own destiny,at the end of the day people of all countries,get the government they deserve,too protect them from hostile countries like Russia


Hungary,do not want too cooperate with the EU,they should be booted out,in America,they HOA,where owners of apartment,agree too fund the building to be maintained,every owner is oblige to contribute legally or suffer legal consequences from HOA,like with NATO ,the US is the biggest contribute to the alliance,since our GDP is 18 trillion dollar,we are oblige to spend 360 billion on defense as minimum,the US Congress is becoming alarm about transfer of Javelin and Stingers,being supplied… Read more »

Tokugawa Ieyasu

When you’re in trouble, and badly in need of help, would you want your friends come to aid?Or you want them reply like this:”you’re responsible for your business and that’s none of my business. If you fail, that’s your problem.” instead of providing aid? Those who said “it’s just the problem of Ukraine and Russia” is either the pro-Russian politicians, or opposing the intervention for aiding Ukraine. Either way, they chose to ignore the essence… Read more »


America power is the only thing Russian respect,they threatened Germany,Britain,France,with nukes,our country border’s, Russia off the coast of Alaska,the US is the ultimate decider,I never said Ukraine did need help, Ukraine needed help, before they were invaded


Ahh, that explains it, you are speaking American! Because that sure as hell isn’t English…


I am a Texan,Texas is bigger than Ukraine and weatlhy too


Ukraine needed help,before they were invaded, Ukraine had a lots of underlined, political,social and culture issues,like many countries, failure to address them and get invaded only make them worse, lots of Ukrainian lived under Russian rules,some choose to live under Russian rules,while being Ukrainian citizen,most Ukrainian and Russian are ethnic Slavic


The first casualty of war is the truth, every body knows Russian lies,but Ukraine has been dishonest too, Ukraine do not have the sophisticated spying capacity as it enemies or countries that support ,one big lie is Russia launching cruise missile,2000 miles from the Caspian sea on Lviv,even Russian weapon damage is not truthful, according to independent Sources Google Russian Airplane Down Over Ukraine

Thank you

Thank you so much for your daily updates with great maps. Enjoy your day off! 🙂


Enjoy your break tomorrow, and thanks for the great work you’re doing.


Too many Americans, Ukraine is not a priority in their lives, American will only do do much,but the rest will fall on the responsibility on the leaders of Ukrainain and their citizen, dependent on others is a recipe for disaster, American can do only do so much,but at the end of the day,it will be Ukrainian,who shape their destiny in this war,with Russia, no amount of foreign assistance or moral support will help the people… Read more »

Tokugawa Ieyasu

The French King Louis XVI : No wonder nowadays some Americans forgot the “foreign assistance” for their independence war and knew nothing about the role of my kingdom, the Dutchs, Spain and Prussia. I have bankrupted my treasure to support USA against the British Empire ! And in 2022, Biden gave far more to Ukraine than what I offered to USA, yet somebody said that “no amount of foreign assistance or moral support will help”,… Read more »


The US Congress had not approved that money,it will be tied to a Covid relief ,bill as rider,you obviously do not no how bill are marked up in our Congress,bill of appropriation can be stall by one person, meaning,it never happened, history we liberated France,from Nazi occupation,the French got slaughtered in
a day in the thousands in Indochina,expelled from Algeria,In Waterloo,this is French history


Thank you very much for your hard work! The day I found this website I’m following it on a daily basis and also recommended it to multiple people.


Are you an American,do you live in America,what you say do not matter, because you have no say so, about America policy


It was incredible that the Russians at Kharkov were repulsed.


If you Ukraine do not attack that military base ,
In Belgorod ,near 50.266408,38.111 , Ukraine is doom to failure,the US government will do only so much,the US is not in the babysitting business,the people of Afghanistan learnth that,after spending trillion of dollars on corrupt government and the American only care so much,that will completely the war


I never understood,why Ukraine never had attacked Russian inside Belarus,it is very naive of Ukrainain,when all those Russian soldiers,that committed all these dastardly deed ,where allowed to escape back into Belarus,they set up shop in a Airfield in Belarus,with an S 400 Ballistic missile launcher,in plain sight, within Ukrainian Artillery range,Canada has given Ukraine Excalibur Artillery,that are GPS enabled,that take out a target with one shell Google Excalibur Artillery Shell


Maybe they don’t wanted to trigger Belarus army?
> Canada has given Ukraine Excalibur Artillery,that are GPS enabled,that take out a target with one shell Google Excalibur Artillery Shell
If GPS is at least to some degree available.

What is an S 400 Ballistic missile launcher? S-400 is a (long range) air defence missile system.


American GPS,cover the whole world,it constellation of satellite,we can deny access,to a country or region, Russian are probably using our GPS satellite,be theirs are unreliable

Casus Belli

Well, I assume, because this would have been some casus belli for Belarus. Even if the Belarussian forces might be pretty weak, the Ukraine is pretty glad about every tank they do not need to fight.

I think, in the beginning Belarus planned to invade as well but pulled back after the Russian “special operation” went that bad. I suppose both Belarus and Ukraine are now quite happy about this.


Belarus will have the same faith ,as Russian,they are under the same sanction,that Russian are under and the US government hold them equal responsible as an enabler of Russia,and Ukraine should too,for the hell they brought too the lives of Ukrainain or all these would of people died in vain


That’s true, Russians have got off easy hiding behind Belarussians. And also using Belarus hospitals to treat their soldiers without fear of retaliation while Ukraine’s soldiers are getting bombed in Ukraine hospitals. But this may change if Belarus puts boots in Ukraine.


Ukraine do not have the luxury too wait, Belarus is already a combatant with Russia,they are using Belarus,to pound Ukraine in the stone age, pacifying Belarus,would speed up Russian demise in the war, Russian can do more to Ukraine,than they are doing now, because American will soon go tired of this war, Ukraine has weeks,not month to pacify Russia,or Ukraine will be cut off from all it economic route


Well actually the new $33 billion Congress aid package is supposed to last until September. If approved, Biden can slowly draw from it until the next fiscal year starts so they would, in fact have months of U.S. funding in that case, regardless of what the U.S. public thinks. It’s true the american public has been against putting boots in Ukraine and only wants to increase humanitarian aid and military aid just a little bit… Read more »


US Senate , question top US military official on Ukraine corruption Google Ukraine Hoarding US Weapons Shipment


Polls do not translate into vote,most Americans priority is America,lots of American are still looking for government assistance money for Hurricane, Tornadoes and Wildfires,band other natural disasters,that did not get funded,until the check is in the Ukrainlan should not get their hope up too high for funding, American are moving into a destructive weather season for the next six months,and their priorities will be America


Why you came here with that silly propaganda?

Political Pilot

I think the strike at Vesele is the Vesele near Izyum not the one in Kharkiv Oblast. The roads in the footage are to large to be the one in Kharkiv.


today “Ukraine’s parliament voted to allow Territorial Defense Units to fight outside their assigned regions.”¹. I’m curious about that, I wonder how to interpret that. I can imagine three reasons: 1) to have more options on the table. (eventually to be ready if Russia calls for national mobilization) 2) ibecause the regular army got heavy casualties. 3) because the UA forces aren’t enough to defend and to attack at the same time. TDU would protect… Read more »


Well, Ukraine has said a few times that they believe mobilization will be called on the 9th. In the least it’s easier to deploy people with experience defending Ukraine into doing defensive roles in other cities. This is the softer alternative to forced military conscription in Ukraine.
Misguided to think that the restructuring of combat forces is related to any form of weakness in the Ukrainian military.


It probably allows for elements of the Territorial Defense to be trained on new NATO equipment in the west of the country without being exposed to the same degree as they would in their home regions. I’d hazard that most NATO heavy equipment will initially be deployed away from front lines in the north and west of the country. Allowing for a more stage managed managed and consistent integration of new logistics requirements rather than… Read more »

Volodymyr Akimov

There were many people willing to join TD so they were able to select the best including veterans and rare specialists. TD units elaborated effective supply mechanics and got many new weaponry including NATO help and spoils. Finally, some TD units got intensive real war experience. As a result at least some of TD units became way more powerful than it was planned initially. It would be waste to keep such units in secondary roles… Read more »


Ukraine’s parliament voted to allow Territorial Defense Units to fight outside their assigned regions
Watch Transnistrian


just flexibility, to move good units where it is required, without stupid administrative issue.


“Note: There won’t be a summary tomorrow, I decided to take a small break.”
disconnect, relax, have fun!


Yeah, it seems like the Russians are also taking a small break, no advances anywhere for a while now.


I think the Ukrainians are blocking them, just until MilitaryLand comes back. 🙂


oh man.. how can I forgot to make that joke:
@Jerome “May the fourth be with you”


I’m very glad to have found this website, with real informations.
Thank you a lot for your work.
I got very fed of reading the nonsense of the pro-Putin Nazis.


Those 92nd Mechanized are absolute Chad’s… not only plunging deep into Russian territory so near the Belgorod deployment area but also winning ground to the north, east and south…