The summary of the sixth day of Russian invasion to Ukraine.


The situation is becoming critical in the south. Russian Forces entered Kherson and encircled Mariupol. The situation on the other fronts remains rather stable.

Southern front

Kherson area

Russian troops entered Kherson and met only little resistance. The city was guarded by local Territorial Defense Unit and Ukrainian Army most likely withdrew from the town in the morning. Russian troops reached the train station inside the city and de-facto gained control of Kherson. We are still waiting on official statement of Ukrainian forces to confirm it.

Mykolaiv area

Russian forces spearheaded north, captured Yavkyne and reached Bashtanka. Photos show a few damaged/abandoned trucks and BTR-80 in the town, which might indicate a rear element. The spearheading force most likely continues north towards Novyi Buh or trying to encircle Mykolaiv.

Tokmak area

Tokmak saw heavy fighting during the day. In the afternoon, Ukrainian Army announced they drove out the enemy from the town.

Ukrainian forces also blew up a bridge in Vasylivka.

Northern frontline

Kyiv area

Russian military column was destroyed in Borodianka today. Other than that, there hasn’t been reported any progress by either side. The large Russian convoy, consisting of hundreds of tanks, trucks and APCs is still on its way to Kyiv.

Chernihiv area

Ukrainian official announced the first Belarusian soldiers crossed the Ukrainian border and joined the fight alongside Russian forces. However, it didn’t change the situation around Chernihiv. Ukrainian troops continue to hold the town.

Ichnia area

Russian spearheading element reach Bobrovytsia and is roughly 100 km from Kyiv. If Ukraine won’t counter-attack in the night and push enemy forces out of the area, the forces in Chernihiv might be encircled and Kyiv surrounded from two sides. We continue to see abandoned Russian vehicles in this are due to not enough fuel.

Eastern area

Sumy area

The city of Sumy was shelled during the day, but Russian forces didn’t gain any new ground. There are most likely some Russian elements moving around the region, but there is no footage.

Kharkiv area

Kharkiv was heavy shelled by all kinds of artillery during the day. No movement or new gains reported in this area.

In the evening, Russian forces heavy shelled the town of Chuhuiv near Kharkiv. There is an airfield and base of 92nd Mechanized Brigade.

Donbas frontline

Luhansk area

The enemy advanced north and captured Starobilsk. They met no resistance in the town. It’s currently unknown if there are still Ukrainian forces in Bilovodsk, but it’s fair to assume the town is empty.

Russian troops entered Ukrainian territory via Pelahiivka and Prosyane border points today.

Donetsk area

Russian forces captured Shyrokyne and Staryi Krym near Mariupol. The Russian troops from the east pushed south, and they claim that they linked up with the Russian forces from the west. There’s been no footage of this so far, but we can say Mariupol has been encircled.

If Ukrainian forces didn’t withdraw its troops from the city, the following units are now besieged: 36th Marines Brigade, a mechanized brigade (probably 56th Mechanized Brigade), a battalion of Azov Regiment, and 12th Operational Brigade of Ukrainian National Guard.

Detailed map of Mariupol situation:


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