The summary of the fifth day of Russian invasion to Ukraine.

The situation continues to be relatively stable. Russian forces pushed in Donbas and captured several small settlements. Russian tactics of spearheading deep into Ukraine seems to be failing, and we could already see the change of tactics today.

Southern front

Kherson area

A small group of Russian troops entered Kherson in the morning, but were either destroyed or left without a fight. Large amount of Ukrainian equipment and troops were seen moving on the streets of Kherson during the afternoon.

Tokmak area

Ukrainian forces counter-attacked towards Tomtak in the morning and pushed enemy forces out of the town. Russian forces approached a checkpoint of Ukrainian self-defense force near Enerhodar and had been waved off.

Northern frontline

Kyiv area

Heavy fighting continued in the area of Hostomel. The enemy forces reinforced the southern spearheading force and captured Makariv.

There is a few kilometers long column of Russian equipment and troops heading towards Kyiv from Chernobyl area. The column reached Hostomel today, and Kyiv awaits a possibly huge attack from the north in upcoming hours.

A group of saboteurs tried to enter Zhuliany airport area in the south-eastern part of Kyiv. Ukrainian troops exposed and arrested the group.

Chernihiv area

Russian troops continue to assault Ukrainian defense positions in Chernihiv, but Ukrainian lines are holding. Chernihiv was heavy shelled by Russian artillery during the day, signaling the change of tactics.

Ichnia area

No change has been reported from this area. Ukrainian Forces are holding out at Pryluky and nearby area.

Eastern frontline

Sumy area

The frontline in the area is stagnating. Ukrainian forces reported the use Bayraktar TB2 and destroying a Russian column near Sumy. The defense lines of Sumy are holding, the regional capital remains in Ukrainian hands.

Kharkiv area

Kharkiv saw heavy shelling during the day, which resulted in dozens of killed civilians. The use of artillery against large cities is signaling the change of tactics.

To the east, Russian spearheaded west, captured Trostianets and reached the edge of Lebedyn. Ukrainian troops claim they destroyed an enemy convoy near Lebedyn in the evening, but so far we haven’t seen any proof of that.

Russian artillery destroyed Ukrainian base of 91st Support Regiment in Okhtyrka. The town itself remains under Ukrainian control.

There is a Russian tank spearhead element somewhere near Hadiach and Vepryk, consisting mainly of T-80Us. The exact location is unknown, but photos on social media show several abandoned tanks as a result of no fuel.

Donbas frontline

Luhansk area

Russian troops advanced north and captured Novoaydar and Nova Astrakhan. Ukrainian forces are holding the line at Sievierodonetsk and Strobilsk.

Donbas area

The enemy reach the edge of Buhas, but didn’t gain full control of the town.

Russian forces broke Ukrainian lines near Pavlopil and captured the town soon after. The enemy pushed towards Mariupol and captured Hnutove and nearby Talakivka. Ukraine lost two T-80BVs, one BTR-80 and T-64BV during the defense of the area.

Other stuff

The Ukrainian delegation travelled to Belarus for talks with their Russian counterpart. The negotiations didn’t bring anything new.


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