The summary of the 27th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 23:59 – 22nd of March 2022 (Kyiv time).

The map didn’t change much on Tuesday. Russia seems to halt all operations in order to regroup and resupply its units. The primary focus is on Mariupol and the last cities under Ukrainian control in Luhansk Region at this moment. Russian jets bombed a railway station in Pavlohrad and damaged the railway, which was used as the primary supply route for Ukrainian troops in Donbas.

Polesia Frontline

includes Kyiv and Zhytomyr Oblast

Kyiv Oblast

Several Ukrainian media and users claim that Ukrainian forces launched a counter-offensive near Kyiv and de-facto surrounded Russian soldiers in Bucha and Hostomel. While we cannot deny it, we also cannot confirm it. Let’s wait a few hours to see the results.

Zhytomyr Oblast

There was no change on the ground in Zhytomyr Oblast.

Northern Frontline

includes Chernhiv and Sumy Oblast

Chernihiv Oblast

The enemy forces didn’t conduct any offensive operation towards Chernihiv. Russian artillery has continued to shell the city and the position of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area

Sumy Oblast

Russian troops reportedly withdrew from the vicinity of Okhtyrka, but other than that, no change in Sumy Oblast.

Sloboda Frontline

includes Kharkiv and Luhansk Oblast

Kharkiv Oblast

Russian has been regrouping its combat group near Izium after the heavy loses during the previous days. The enemy artillery didn’t stop to shell Kharkiv, but the frequency is much lower now.

Luhansk Oblast

The enemy forward elements reached Yampil, but the assault was repelled. Nevertheless, there is a large concentration of Russian forces in the area and will most likely give it another try the next day.

Pryazovia Frontline

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Donetsk Oblast

Russian forces attempted to storm Avdiivka and Marinka. All attacks have been repulsed so far. It looks Russian troops are just testing the Ukrainian defense, instead of full scale operation.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.


Situation remains tense. Azov Regiment released a footage of its tank division engaging the enemy on Tuesday. The footage is most likely a few days old, but it’s the first confirmation that Azov’s tank company is in Mariupol.

Southern Frontline

includes Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa Oblast

Mykolaiv Oblast

Russian reconnaissance group reached Bereznehuvate in the north. Ukrainian troops attacked the reconnaissance force and the enemy retreated. We still don’t know what villages/settlements had been liberated by Ukrainian troops yesterday.

Kherson Oblast

Russian reconnaissance group assaulted Oleksandrivka in the south, but the attack was repulsed. Russian troops left one BMP-3 behind.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of DPR and LPR (taken with grain of salt)

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Baron Bustin

Does anyone have any idea how much artillery and rocket artillery ammunition the Russians have remaining strategically- beyond the front?


You might want to add two minor details to your Luhansk map. Acc. to the UA forces lunch briefing on FB,

1. The Russians have taken position in Pshenichne, N of Rubizhne and E of Kreminna;

2. The Russian advance on Yampil was stopped before Torske, a few km N.

Otherwise, there appears to be street fighting in Trostianets, S of Sumy.


The magnification window (appreciated also here) doesn’t seem to work on the Polesia map. Otherwise, there seem to have been some (temporary?) changes of posession:

1. The Ukrainians have apparently re-captured Moshun, N of Kiew (already blue on your map).


2. As to Makariw, yesterday’s talk really seems to have been about the town W of Kiew, not the village in Nikolaew (I was also wrong about it). Apparently briefly conquered by the Russians, then recaptured by the Ukrainians, with quite some damage. Looks like the Ukrainians are gradually also getting the M6 motorway W of Kiew under control again.

As to Hostomel etc., I aggree that we have to wait and see..


who is in Oleksandrivka who repulsed the Russian reconnaissance group assault?


I am not sure about Troistianec (Sumy region) is in Russian hands, at least is contested.


This is from Slavutych (Chernichiv region), they are cut off.

David Hoy

In the map of Mariupol, today the central area of the city is mostly shown gray colored, at least on my screen. This seems like a change from previous days maps and I am not sure what it means, can you clarify? is this just a graphics glitch? Thank you very much for these maps. The magnification window is much appreciated.

David Hoy

Actually I am wrong, the gray is present on previous days maps, but can you confirm what it signifies? Thank you


Just urbanized areas, I believe.


For the last two weeks you start the summary with “the map didn’t change much”. Now look at the map two weeks ago and now, and you’ll see that it did change much.

Tokugawa Ieyasu

It didn’t change much after the Russian army swiftly seized the southern part of Ukraine at the south of the Dnieper and sweeped along the coast to Mariupol. The Russian army made little progress and gained little ground in overall for the last two weeks. Except the Siege of Mariupol, the Russian army had no potential chance of decisive tactical victory in all sectors. It seems like the balance is tipping on the other side… Read more »


I really don’t see any sign of reversal.

Tokugawa Ieyasu

I predicted it, just like the Israeli in 1948 with powerful foreign backup. I might be wrong, but we’ll just see.

Baron Bustin

Out of interest, what do you see instead?


Slow, incremental gains for Russia, with significant losses to ambushes along the way. Mariupol is completely surrounded with no hope of relief, which means it’s doomed to fall, it’s just a matter of time. Russia has considerable troops besieging it, so once the city falls, they’ll be free to turn their attention to something else, and my money would be on the Ukrainian troops in Donbass. So I would expect Mariupol to fall first, then… Read more »


Let’s take a look at the facts: Invasion Day 2 – “The situation on the ground remains tense.” Invasion Day 3 – “The situation on the ground remains tense.” Invasion Day 4 – “The situation on the ground remains tense,…” Invasion Day 5 – “The situation continues to be relatively stable.” Invasion Day 6 – “The situation is becoming critical in the south.” Invasion Day 7 – “…Donbas, and mainly Mariupol, is approaching a critical… Read more »


Gaining territory is useless if your army cannot beat the enemy. And in that regard, Russia is obviously losing.


Thanks for the summary. If Mariupol is South East, Crimea is South, then Odessa is South West. We’ve the same information. Vocabulary differences that paint entirely different overall picture from “map didn’t change much”.


For the last two weeks my beard didn’t grow much either in a single day. Yet I really need to shave now….


Why haven’t the natural gas pipelines been hit?


not 100% sure, but I understand that 1) Ukraine gets a cut of the profits from the NG that goes through there, 2) Ukraine probably does not want to upset the countries where the gas goes to (Germany, etc) as they are providing needed aid. (ok so probably not Germany providing much aid but others that do provide substantial aid would not like Ukraine doing so).


However, for all the justified criticism of Germany over its low level of military support for Ukraine, it should not be forgotten that Germany is Ukraine’s second largest financial supporter.
I think the gas supply in western Ukraine also depends on these pipelines.

Florian Kuhlmann

It is not known how much of the aid from Poland is paid for by Germany.
For example, Germany was not a warring party in the 1990 Kuwait Liberation War, but they were one of the biggest donors at the time.
“Kohls Scheckbuchdiplomatie”


Both Ukraine and Russia benefit from them, so neither would gain from damaging them. That said, in a relatively high intensity war like this, accidents happen.

Baron Bustin

Just shows how precarious the Russian position must truly be- if they must depend on supplying their enemy with gas to ultimately defeat them, things really are pear shaped. In the same vein, maybe they could sell the Ukrainians weapons as well.


So from the Gas that Germany is buying from Russia also Ukraine is profiting. That would mean: no more Gas for Germany from Russia = no more money for Russia AND Ukraine.
Well it is worth taking a look at the Russian-Ukrainian gas-dispute ….

Besides, I guess that not everything a country does for Ukraine in these days and weeks is proclaimed out loud …

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