The summary of the 223rd day on Sloboda and Kherson Fronts, as of 22:00 – 4th October 2022 (Kyiv time).

Due to the ongoing Ukrainian offensive in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kherson Oblast, we’re releasing an extra summary solely focused on the Sloboda and Kherson Front. The classic summaries remain bi-daily.

Sloboda Front

includes the area of between Oskil and Aydar river

Kupyansk direction

  • The liberation of Kivsharivka was confirmed by Kraken Special Unit.

Borova direction

  • Ukrainian forces advanced north and liberated Borivska Andriivka and Bohuslavka.
  • Russian forces likely abandoned the remaining settlements between Borova and Kupyansk, and retreated towards Svatove.

Kherson Front

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

Davydiv Brid direction

  • Ukrainian Army liberated Starosillya and Novopetrivka near Arkhanhelske.
  • 7th Battalion of Ukrainian Volunteer Army, in cooperation with other units, liberated Velyka Oleksandrivka.
  • Ukrainian paratroopers of 46th AirAssault Brigade liberated Mala Oleksandrivka.
  • The marines of 35th Marine Brigade liberated Davydiv Brid.

Nova Kakhovka direction

  • Ukrainian forces continue to push south and liberated Dudchany and Petropavlivka. Russian troops are reportedly regrouping at Mylove.

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Gimli MX

Small suggestion: even as a map-adept person I sometimes have trouble finding specific towns mentioned. Perhaps highlighting with bold face the towns mentioned or a bigger sized dot for them? Don’t want to crowd the map further with an icon, so maybe just a highlight of some sort.


Russian are learning why in all military manual , they are talking about “second line” behind the first line.

Max Beckhaus

I think they learn that third lines may help aswell.

Big Red Ed

You need time to build a defensive line…Ukrainians are not giving that time.


They had months to do it.


russia has red army nostalgia now they miss winning wars


Dudchany WAS the second east-west line on the north side of the Dnieper. 🙂
They’ve already abandoned it for rebasing their second line to Mylove, but if it fails the third line is Beryslav.

Last edited 1 year ago by cwDeici

In my opinion all 2nd. 3rd. and s.o. lines of defece are useless if there are no (not enough) supplies and reinforcements. Shelling the Dnjpr Bridges and the pontoon is essentialy for a offence success by the UAF. Since month ago the Russians and the UAF fights heavy battles. The Rus Army take one run after the other against the UA def. lines without greater succsess. No everthing is changing.


Russian who flee under ukrain bomb without 2nd or 3rd lign to protect them probably have another opinion.

Like Russian in dombass who are immediatly stop by a new defense lign when they take an ukr position.

uncle vanjia

they always do , soviet style defenses are 3 lines of defense . what happens in Ukraine is that once the UA break through they don’t leave the time to set up new lines to the russians , also to build up a system of defenses it takes time and control by the command . here seems that command posts are quite often beaten up badly .


soviets had 3 lines bc they had so many soldiers (more than 6 million in a 2000km front)
modern day russia has 200,000 on a 600km front)

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