The summary of the 108th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 11th June 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

Russian troops made small gains in the direction of Slovyansk and Lysychansk. Ukrainian army is reportedly conducting a new counter-offensive operation in Kherson Oblast, but no details have been shared, yet.

According to Ukrainian Presidential adviser, the army is loosing up to 200 soldiers every day, but Russian numbers are much higher. We’re currently in the phase of the war of attrition.

Belarusian president Lukashenko stated that Belarus might be forced to intervene in the western Ukraine to protect local population from Polish invasion.

Kharkiv Frontline

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

partly sunny | ~31 °C

Shelling: Udy, Prudianka, Tsyrkuny, Ternova, Verkhnii Saltiv, Rubizhne

  • There was no change on the ground in Kharkiv Oblast.

Siverskyi Donets

includes the area of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut

sunny | ~31 °C

Shelling: Virnopillya, Dolyna, Korulka, Novoluhanske

Slovyansk direction

  • Russian troops reached the outskirt of Bohorodychne, fighting continues.
  • Ukrainian defenders repelled Russian attacks on Virnopillya and Dolyna.

Bakhmut direction

  • Russian forces managed to advance in the area of Vidrodzhennya and Roty. Both towns are marked as contested until we learn more.

Lysychansk Area

includes the vicinity of Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk

Shelling: Serebrianka, Bilohorivka, Lysychansk, Sievierodonetsk, Metolkyne, Ustynivka, Toshkivka, Hirske, Bilohorivka (near Nahirne), Komyshuvakha

  • House to house fighting continues in Sievierodonetsk.
  • Ukrainian forces successfully repelled Russian attacks on Metolkyne, and there are indications the enemy retreated from the town.
  • Russian troops attempted to advance in the area of Ustynivka and Toshkivka, but met fierce resistance and withdrew.
  • The enemy managed to breakthrough Ukrainian lines near Nyrkove and has been stopped near Mykolaivka. The fate of Nyrkove remains uncertain, but it’s likely that Russian troops captured the settlement.
  • Ukrainian troops repelled a Russian attack near Volodymyrivka.

South-Eastern Front

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

partly sunny | ~31 °C

Donetsk Oblast

Shelling: Marinka, Krasnohorivka, Avdiivka, Kamyanka, Niu-York

  • There was no change on the ground in Donetsk Oblast.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Shelling: Orikhiv, Huliaipole

  • There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Kherson Frontline

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

rain showers | ~28 °C

Shelling: Dobryanka, Velyka Kostromka, Murakhivka, vicinity of Snihurvka, Prybuzke

  • Ukrainian forces managed to regain full control over Tavrijske settlement.
  • There are reports of Ukrainian counter-attack in the area of Oleksandrivka and Kyselivka. However, these reports are unconfirmed and until we get a better picture of the situation, we have to treat the reports as just rumors.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of Russian Army, DPR and LPR (taken with a grain of salt)

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Btw, does anyone know the state of the Russian artillery? It must not be pretty: their reservists are already being trained on antiquated D-20, the 122mm guns have been retired*, and the wear and tear must be killing their 152mm guns fast given the rhythm at which they’re firing. *Though Russia has been planning to retire them since 2014 (they stopped 122mm shell productions that year) and apparently only kept them to make up a… Read more »


Well well well, Zelenskyy reconfirmed Tavrii’sk as captured. Take that, inaccurate down-voters, when I reported Kherson Oblast reporting it earlier. :3 yes I can afford to nitpick when I’m right ^^ Either way it’s not a rumor at local government level, it’s an unconfirmed report. Now confirmed at the Presidential level. Not confirmed by non-Ukrainian parties, but in general I’ve found Ukrainian casualty estimates to be a bit closer to Russian leaks, than the US… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by cwDeici

Indeed it was, and I missed your inclusion, but Kherson City Council and the Executive are both official sources (at different levels) that have been reporting on the same counterattacks with slightly different information.


Can anyone explain why the Russian army started to storm Sloviansk from the north without occupy Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk?  Will this lead to a dispersion of forces and firepower? 


No. They fail to storm sloviansk one month ago. So they concentrate their offensive on an “easy task” : sievierodonesk.

After one month of fight, they are close to capture the north of the river.

Their are rumor of New offensive from izium. Wait and see.

Dispersion of force is a constant in russian strategy.


Hi, The front is divided in different areas of operation. In the Sloviansk front the Russian 20th and 35th Army groupings are pushing toward Sloviansk. Those two Armies have nothing to do with Lysychansk & Sievierodonetsk front.Their job is to compromise if possible the Ukrainian defensive line from Sloviansk – Krematorsk – Drujivka – Konstiantanivka. That is a retreat line for the Ukrainian troops in Donbass, and the Russians want to breach it, the Ukrainians… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Nikolow

@Needel There have been a lot of Russian troops south of Izjoem for a while, they wanted to advance, but had to wait until Lyman and Sviatohirsk were captured. Those towns were backed by a lot of forest, so it took a while to capture those towns and clear the forest. Now Sviatohirsk has been captured the Russian forces South of Izjoem can advance towards Barvinkove or towards Slovjansk. And yes they make some progress.… Read more »


Podolyak indeed said ( that ‘between 100 and 200 Ukrainian troops are being killed on the front line every day‘ and continued with ‘the “complete lack of parity” between the Russian and Ukrainian armies was the reason for Ukraine’s heavy casualty rate‘. Based on this interview it doesn’t follow at all that at this point ‘the Russian casualties are much higher‘. In fact it can be argued that after changing the tactics Russian casualties are… Read more »


I think your right. Except that #3 will still result in a lot of casualties on the attacking side. Don’t overestimate the use of artillery. It is mainly like you said to suppress and compromise defensive positions, shell shock defenders and wreak havoc. If you send in sub-par infantry after that you will still suffer serious losses. Above that you’ll look like a nation with a morality of well over 100 years ago that’s capturing… Read more »


Absolutely, conducting offensive operations in positional warfare requires certain skills and it’s certainly not a golden hammer. It’s successful only if a) the troops know what they are doing and b) supplies is not a problem. I am afraid there is no way to capture a settlement by military means without more or less destroying it in the process. The only way to avoid it is just not to fight in the cities, but it’s… Read more »


Counter example : melitopol, kherson or Bagdad.

With speed and large superiority, you can capture large territory with only à few fights.


I would opt for “less” while Russia clearly opts for “more”. But yes you are right. Therefor in general I think it is better to not try to rage war at all unless absolutely unavoidable.


Be honest. You are not neutral. Only pro russian. With only Black on White post.

Russian are attacking more than ukrainian. Law of war say, they lose more troop than defender.

They advance with à lot of difficulties since 1 month. Their lost cant be lower than ukrainian.


There is enough pro-Ukrainian rhetoric flying around and quite a lot of it is – imho – quite stupid, but fair enough. Here’s my emotional, whining, ’50 shades of grey’ post. I don’t like anybody in this conflict at all. I don’t like Russia because they invaded Ukraine, which formally means she is an aggressor. Now, I don’t know if it happened because Putin forgot his pills in the morning or because he had legitimate… Read more »

David Hoy

Hello Azog, I am American, live in America and support Ukraine. Sorry to hear you don’t like the US. I will leave the prognostications about geopolitical machinations to others, but just fyi personally I will continue to support Ukraine’s desire to control their own future, until this war ends, whenever that is. The overall reaction I personally have to this tragedy of war is great sadness, not a desire to take advantage of it. I… Read more »


Hello David, Thank you for being polite, and personally I share most of your sentiments about the war. It’s a tragedy, no questions here. What’s more, there are literally fathers and sons fighting on different sides. And by the way, when I said I don’t like America, I meant that I am not in favor of everything American government has done (and is doing). This is my emotional response, intellectually I get it. Having said… Read more »


“or because he had legitimate concerns about national security” Not at all “concerns about national security”. That is a fairy tale for stupid little working and tax-paying people. The cause of the war is Russian chauvinism, their perpetual greed and hunger for more land, and a Mongolian horde-like mentality and culture. “Concerns about national security” is an excuse, a PRETEXT, for the war, and not its CAUSE. When some 80 years ago Stalin’s Soviet Russia… Read more »


I guess I don’t have enough information. How could Ukraine avoid war without losing sovereignty and/or territory?

Henry Whitworth

They couldn’t. That’s all this is. Russian imperialism with shades of genocide. They deny Ukraine’s right to exist as a nation, invade their borders, destroy their towns with artillery and rape and pillage among the people. All this bloviating about how “Both Sides” are to blame is, most certainly, an argument in defense of Russia. The only way to end the war in the shortest time at this point is to arm Ukraine with enough… Read more »


There are two elements missing which are needed to be clarified (if ever shall be). Russia uses, sometimes in mass, forces from the rebelious republics and mercenaries. They do not consider their loses as their own. Taking (with the garin of salt) what e.g. the Murz was writting about the matter (relationships with command, equipment, proficiency etc.) losses there, especially from republics, might be horrible. There are also late losses which conveniently (for both parties)… Read more »


Good points. Regarding the artillery barrel erosion, it was a HUGE problem for WW1 era naval guns. It is less prominent for modern artillery (lesser calibers and better materuals) , but its still present of course and for both sides. I guess it’s safe to put it under logistics. Just like munitions must be delivered, the barrels must be maintained/replaced.


that was an actual problem even earlier [see: this is translater to English, I used the origin while researching: ] – since obviously I have no access to the reality at the front and Russian MoD does not even acknowledge any evident problems, how this affects regular RUssian artillery is unknown.


thanks for the link, interesting


thinking that Russia losses are lower than Ukr is fully stupid. In city fights like sov, attackers suffer larger losses than defenders. The fact is basically than Russia is hiding all losses. Soon the number of identified Russia Generals KIA will be superior of the official number of Russia death… But if you know how to compute a little bit, 100 deaths per day during 100 days, means only 10 000. More or less there… Read more »


The reason why the losses could be similar or worse for Russia is because to counter artillery, Ukrainian troops seem to stay as close as possible to the Russian ones, which leads to a lot of close combat, which is the actual cause of heavy losses, not the artillery. Russians use a lot of DNR and LNR conscripts too in the area, which are poorly equipped – most don’t even have body armor, which makes… Read more »


Similar tactics was used in Stalingrad’42 and I guess it makes sense in urban combat. Bur how can you stay closer to the enemy on open terrain? Especially if you’re occupying a fortified position which cannot be moved quickly?


It is well known that the ruzzians are standing back shelling and letting dpr/lpr separatist forces do the ground fighting and take the hits.


And they don’t count in Orc casualty numbers anyway (even if they would report them).


Ukrainian losses are about 80 a day (per Zelenskyy’s note of 60-100 on average), and Russian losses are about 100-200 per day.

You can confabulate numbers out of thin air while being neutral about genocidal murderer rapists who claim to have destroyed the Ukrainian Air Force three times over and rising, but you’re blatantly wrong.

Anyone who takes Russian numbers seriously at all is intellectually bankrupt.

Last edited 1 year ago by cwDeici

Like it or not, a site like this with sufficient information to require the censorship of some of the chits on the map will be a part of the InfoWar landscape.
In other words this is a part of the battlefield and all pro Russian posters should be banned.

This is not anti-democratic, Churchill, Roosevelt, Zelenskyy, all wartime democratic leaders have had to tighten rules during times of war.

Last edited 1 year ago by cwDeici

I can relate to the skewed up and downvotes as of late. But this platform is very basic, you can easily vote multiple times / use a bot / post as someone else etc.. I don’t agree to shut anything down, it does not feel as a solution. I trust most people to look through all this and focus on the information, views and opinions. Even if there are genuine Russian infiltrators here, I would… Read more »


2 days ago, reports of russian shelling against ivanivka on M-03. South to chkalosvke. No idea when ukr counterattack in this area.


Also, feels like we’re missing news about 5-7 km frontage gained over the last two weeks in Zaphorizia in the Melitopol direction, albeit the Ukrainian MoD is playing it closer to the chest these days with the exact terrain.

Last edited 1 year ago by cwDeici

I wouldn’t consider the news in Kherson to be rumors, it’s the Kherson City Council. Not the Ukrainian MoD, but it ranks above rumor as the local government.


I see, thank you for your clarification. 🙂


I just saw a report from Zelenskyy from yesterday that confirmed Tavrii’sk

Seems like it’s real


This might deserve consideration: Nathan Ruser on Twitter: “Specifically I refined the frontlines around Izyum, Popasna and Velyka Novosilka based on satellite imagery. The previous frontlines are shown as lines on these maps.” / Twitter As N. Ruser explains further: “The process of doing this was entirely erasing the frontlines in these areas then drawing points of satellite-identifiable positions from both sides (including tracks and roads) and then joining these points together.” South of… Read more »

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