The summary of the 106th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 9th June 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

Ukrainian forces retreated from Svyatohirsk and nearby area. The defenders delayed the Russian advance far longer than anybody anticipated and gave Ukrainian troops more than enough time to dig in and build fortifications around Slovyansk and Kramatorsk.

Belarus announced formation of People’s Militia units, and continues to keep a meaningful force near the border with Ukraine.

Kharkiv Frontline

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

sunny | ~28 °C

Shelling: Udy, Rusky Tyshky, Stary Saltiv, Korobochkyne, Chepil

  • There was no change on the ground in Kharkiv Oblast.

Siverskyi Donets

includes the area of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut

sunny | ~28 °C

Shelling: Dibrovne, Kurulka, Tetyanivka, Pryshyb, Kramatorsk

Slovyansk direction

  • Russian army have begun to build fortifications in the vicinity of Izium amid the fears of Ukrainian counterattack towards the city.
  • The enemy reached the northern outskirts of Dolyna, fighting is ongoing.
  • Ukrainian troops repulsed enemy attacks on Bohorodychne and Dovhenke, north of Slovyansk.
  • Ukrainian forces have retreated from Svyatohirsk and most likely from Studenok as well over the night. Russian troops entered Svyatohirsk and captured the town.
  • Russian sources claim that Russian troops crossed Siversky Donets near Svyatohirsk and captured Tetyanivka. This is however unconfirmed and there is no visual proof.
  • Situation in Shchurove, Staryi Karavan and Brusivka is covered by the fog of war.

Bakhmut direction

  • Russian forces entered the eastern outskirts of Roty.

Lysychansk Area

includes the vicinity of Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk

Shelling: Serebrianka, Pryvillya, Sievierodonetsk, Lysychansk, Ustynivka, Hirske, Zolote, Komyshuvakha, Berestove, Bilohorivka

  • Fighting continues in Sievierodonetsk. The situation in the city is very fluid and changes every hour.
  • Ukrainian defenders repelled attacks on Toshkivka and Ustynivka. The enemy retreated to its original positions.
  • Russian troops attacked Ukrainian positions at Berestove, but weren’t successful.
  • Russian forces entered the western outskirts of Komyshuvakha, putting Ukrainian troops at Zolote under more pressure.

South-Eastern Front

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

partly sunny | ~29 °C

Donetsk Oblast

Shelling: Avdiivka, Kamyanka, Niu-York

  • There was no change on the ground in Donetsk Oblast.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Shelling: Orikhiv, Huliaipole

  • There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Kherson Frontline

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

mostly cloudy | ~26 °C

Shelling: Tavrijske, Blahodatne, Lyubymivka, Shyroke, Bila Krynytsia, Bereznehuvate, Dobryanka,

  • There was no change on the ground in Kherson and Mykolaiv Oblast.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of Russian Army, DPR and LPR (taken with a grain of salt)

Visit our Deployment map for updated interactive map of captured areas and Ukrainian units.

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More progress on the southern front, orcs pushed back 5-7 kilometers along Zapohorizia axis! Yesterday there was some progress along Kherson, so combined this is promising. It’s inching forwards, and I suspect it will accelerate by July and August.


Hi all, is this website connected to the youtube chanel “Military summary ” ? Thanks ?


I was a passive reader of this great website from the outbreak of the war and wanted to thank Jerome for all the effort put into the details and maps.
These are by far the best overview maps to stay informed of the military actions.

Keep up the great work.

Michal Slastan

You rock! Thank you very much from Slovakia!


stay strong my dear ukrainians! all world is with you, everybody hates ruSSian primitives


There is no point in talking too much about politics, and in some places people have even turned against each other by talking about the War between Russia and Ukraine.  Instead of talking about who is on the right side, I focus on the military coverage.   The battle for Sloviansk will be difficult for both Sides.  The Russians had better access in this direction and were able to bring in more ammunition to support the fight.  The… Read more »


Politics and war are one-same, this has always been the case no matter where you are. One is soft-power, other hard-power.
Hoping for Ukrainian army victory, but political collapse. Can get a good permanent Slavic Mujahideen type thing going. It’s the way to Balkanize Russia.


Hmmm, I’m surprised Military Land missed the official news today of progress on the Kherson front. Well, there were no details regardless. Pity about there only being several MLRS sent to Ukraine, the US and the UK, whom I’ve always supported since I was a little kid (whereas I hated Putin, Erdogan, Chavez and Xi), since they’ve been the good guys for over a century, have been cheap with Ukraine, but it’s better than everyone… Read more »


(I hope that the 250 or so pieces of Western artillery Ukraine will soon have on the battlefield will be more effective than a thousand Soviet tubes) Right now Russia’s artillery relative to Ukraine is about 40 to 1 and of course , Russia also has precision artillery, Ukraine could have 250 precision artillery pieces on the battlefield but to be effective they need images satellites constantly and drones, which it currently lacks. you also… Read more »


My friend travels to Ukraine every few weeks with equipment he buys from donations. It’s opposite to what you say, they are highly motivated. Besides Ukraine cares more about their soldiers, thats why you don’t see them sending them into meatgrinders like russia does.
And to be clear, theese opinions are not from a single unit – they are the same in SOF, artillery, and even territorial defence.


Ukrain have massiv (impossible to have more) support of images satellites.

You can easyly find source who says that lot of russian soldier also refuse to fight their morale low. Let this for historian. Both side continue to fight.


The ratio is 4 to 1. In the Donbass maybe more like 10 to 1, but not even close to 40 to 1. Where did you get that number? It’s true that constant shelling is detriment for morale, but in general artillery is a very innefficient weapon against infantry, especially when they are literally dug in. It appears to be more a game of showing power than actually having it which might eventually work (fake… Read more »

Fjose Smørhatt

Your statement that artillery is very inefficient against infantry is too broad to be useful. It might be true for a “normal” army, but Russia is a land based army. It has massive amounts of artillery and vast quantities of artillery ammunition at its disposal. So what might be inefficient to begin with, if you pound something enough times because you simply have the numbers to do so, maybe you’re making up for that efficiency…… Read more »


Google “first World War”. You will learn a lot. And during ww1, both camp have really stronger artillery than russia in Dombass.

Kim Bailey

Do follow on here occasionally to see how Ukraine are doing on the ground. I am from UK. Reference MLRS UK is supplying. According to a military expert interviewed recently the majority of UK MLRS are currently undergoing an upgrade and are being shipped to the US in batches for the purpose of this upgrade. Therefore, it is very likely there are currently only a few workable units in the UK, which may explain why… Read more »


Yip – the UK needs them for its own defence – some maybe in the Baltic states along with 10,000 UK troops and other nato troops and equipment. Gives the ruzzians something to think about?

Kim Bailey

From UK. Reference MLRS. A military expert said during a recent interview the UK doesn’t have all its MLRS in workable order. They are currently being shipped to the US in batches for an upgrade. I would say that perhaps the UK needs to keep some MLRS units here in the UK just in case the madman decides to turn his venom on us here at home. The expert did believe the UK will provide… Read more »


Btw, for people like the Z-point fellow who zealously follow their murderer-rapist supporting Russian media in pushing the whole “let’s nuke the world and we’ll be the ones to go to heaven, and they’ll just be dead…” (Yes, this has been a recent trend in the Russiam media where all independent directions have been stomped out)… just ban them. It’s seriously your responsibility to ban posters who support nuclear genocide on top of murder, rape… Read more »


Since early in the ongoing conflict, I am glad to be provided with reliable information on the military situation, which is the obvious intent of this site. Entities obviously not dedicated to this aim have increasingly sparked controversies. Just count total votes on comments and the proportions of upvotes vs downvotes – and watch how these parameters have evolved over the last weeks. Just note increasing numbers of comments that are merely expressing views, narratives,… Read more »


I like this website.


I am getting frustrated with my government for taking too long to get heavy weapons to Ukraine. Starting to feel like this is their plan. Similar to lying Germany. I don’t like it


Also it is logistically very difficult to deliver heavy artillary to where it is needed.


The USA is very good at logistics. We should have everything staged in Poland by now., ready to send in as needed. I get the sense that Biden is slow walking weapons to avoid Putins wrath. IMO he is being too weak because of fear of nukes. He waffles back and forth to seem like he is helping but not cross some imaginary line. It frustrates me because Ukraine can flat out win if given… Read more »


Ruzzia has been targeting the rail net work and bridges.
And ruzzia is looking for them to knock them out before they get to Donbas.


Yes obviously. That is why they need a steady stream so that some get through daily. Russia won’t get them all, or even most I think. Russia is not very good at hitting moving targets from what I gather.


They didnt targeting a lot the rail and the bridges. (Nobody know why they didnt do it)

So logistic from West to east is good. And we see m777 , caesar, etc in dombass without diffuculties.


I understand the French and German positions. They do not want this war to esculate into a European war.
USA citizens have never experienced a modern war on home turf or have never been occupied or carpet bombed.
War is not glorious!


At least the French have given some good weapons like the Caesar. Germany is lying. If they don’t want to escalate then they should say it. They are trying to play both sides, which is greasy and underhanded. They claim to be giving anti air tanks and panzerhaus but then don’t. They leave Ukraine hanging and it’s dirty. I never said war is glorious. I am a USMC veteran and I know a little about… Read more »


Thank you for your service. The more the French and Germans support Ukraine now, the less likely there will be a European war. Russia is in no shape for an expansion of the war, especially against a US-dominated NATO. Russia is being grounded down in Ukraine and with enough support to Ukraine, they will be crushed.

Henry Whitworth

The Biden administration is doing it right. Secretary Austin set up the NATO team that is working closely with Ukrainian commanders, helping them develop long term strategy and responding to their needs. It takes time to build an army and this is a country half way around the world dealing with a massive ongoing war already. And their own military has always used the Russian gear which is largely incompatible with Western weapons. It’s a… Read more »


I am just so worried that Ukraine has not got the time? If ruzzian forces take all of the Donbas it will be so difficult to win back once the ruzzians are dug in.
Also – i have real concerns of western nations pulling the supply of milatary equipment at a later date.
Forcing Ukraine to accept division of the country.
Also, can western nations afford this war?

Henry Whitworth

They’re thousands of square miles short of taking all of Donbas. At the rate they’ve gone, spending as much as they have per mile, do you really see them doing it? Even now Ukraine doesn’t even bother to send all their resources into the east to try to stop them. They take fresh forces and start grabbing back other territory as they grind down the advance in the Donbas. This offensive is failing spectacularly. The… Read more »


I appreciate your positive attitude, and I hope it’s true. I will not give up. We will see. I know China is watching too. If Russia wins it will be a signal to all the authoritarian regimes out there. Open season on the weak.


Thanks, I will check it out. And you’re welcome.


How long can ukr troops stand heavy shelĺing of their defensive positions. Day after day, it must be horrendous, bunker busting shells and fire bombs. By the time the ruzzians attack the defenders will be in poor shape to fight.
Ruzzian artillary needs knocked out asap.


I am beginning to hate Germany


Hi Henry, i like the optimism old bean, but you’re drawing some very long bows here… “Later they will report “surprise” at the turnaround and act like no one saw it coming.” You’re having a pipedream that trends are always linear. Once Lysichansk and Slavyansk/Kramatorsk are broken, there will be a notable change of tempo since the VSU will have been driven out of the prepared fortifications it spent the last eight years building along… Read more »


Something smells like a Russian pig

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